What is Cabanatuan City known for?

It prides itself as the “Tricycle Capital of the Philippines” and its strategic location along the Cagayan Valley Road has made the city a major economic, educational, medical, entertainment and transportation center in Nueva Ecija and nearby provinces in the region such as Aurora and Bulacan.

What barangay is Burgos Avenue Cabanatuan?

Points of interest nearby Burgos Avenue, Barangay Sangitan, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines.

What are the festival in Nueva Ecija?

Pagibang Damara is a festival in San Jose City, Nueva Ecija wherein its people celebrates to give thanks for a good harvest in line with their celebration of the City Fiesta on the second or third week of April every year.

What is Nueva Ecija known for?

Nueva Ecija is the center of agricultural research and production in the Philippines. It is known as the “Rice Bowl of the Philippines” with rice, corn and onion as its main agricultural products. The area also grows mango, banana, eggplant and garlic.

What is the meaning of Cabanatuan?

noun. a city on central Luzon, in the N Philippines.

Is Santiago city a highly urbanized city?

Legal classification There are currently 33 highly urbanized cities in the Philippines, 16 of which are located in Metro Manila. All five of them are considered independent from the province in which they are geographically located: Cotabato, Dagupan, Naga (Camarines Sur), Ormoc, and Santiago.

When was Cabanatuan declared a highly urbanized city?

In 1998, Cabanatuan was declared by then-president Fidel V. Ramos as a highly urbanized city however it failed ratification after the majority of votes in the plebiscite was negative. Cabanatuan was declared as highly urbanized city by President Benigno S. Aquino III under Presidential Proclamation No. 418 on July 14, 2012.

How many people live in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija?

Cabanatuan is the economic heart of Nueva Ecija. More than 640,000 people live in its metropolitan area comprising the city and its adjacent municipalities. As a hub, many people in Nueva Ecija commute to the city during the day. This causes the city’s daytime population to swell to about a million.

Where to go in Cabanatuan when you hardly know the place?

The capitol houses Museo Novo Ecijano, the provincial museum, which features life-size dioramas of flora and fauna; antique household articles and farm implements; vintage photographs and paintings; festival costumes and native attires.

What was the name of the cathedral in Cabanatuan?

Locals say the cathedral, constructed in the 1930s, was the former site of Aguinaldo’s headquarters when he made Cabanatuan the capital of his revolutionary government before fleeing to Palanan. But visitors are confused as to the exact location where Luna died.