What is comparable to Splunk?

5 Best Splunk Alternatives

  • LogDNA. LogDNA was created to solve many of the key challenges present in other log management solutions.
  • Elastic Stack. The Elastic Stack (previously the ELK stack) has the distinction of being an open source log management solution.
  • Fluentd.
  • Sumo Logic.
  • Loggly.

Is Splunk an open source tool?

No, Splunk is not an open source and there is a good amount of costing is associated with its usage. In this Is Splunk Open Source article, We will be discussing more about Splunk and why it is not an open source tool.

Is Splunk free or proprietary?

Splunk is proprietary, whereas Spark is an open-source tool. Splunk is for collecting machine-generated data and to visualize it.

Is there a free version of Splunk?

Splunk Free is available now. The free download automatically includes all the Enterprise features of Splunk 4 for 60 days and lets users index 500 megabytes of data per day.

Why is Splunk so fast?

Why is Splunk fast? The simple answer is parallel processing via MapReduce methodologies. For this section, we are going to focus primarily on the parallel processing aspect, which is the first step to MapReduce. Splunk has the ability to take a search and break it up into smaller parts to get you the answer faster.

Is Splunk like Elasticsearch?

Elasticsearch is a database search engine, and Splunk is a software tool for monitoring, analyzing, and visualizing the data. Elasticsearch stores the data and analyzes them, whereas Splunk is used to search, monitor, and analyze the machine data.

Is Kibana like Splunk?

Kibana is the visualization tool in the ELK Stack, and like Splunk, the platform supports the creation of visualizations such as line charts, area arts and tables and the presentation of them in a dashboard. Still, Kibana does not support user management, but hosted ELK solutions provide it out of the box.

How expensive is Splunk?

Splunk’s website lists a price of $1,150 per GB for a yearly 15 GB license including maintenance. Divided by 1,000 users this amounts to $17.25 per user per year. Compare that number to the price of pretty much any SaaS application (e.g. Salesforce or GoToMeeting) which cost many times that per user per month.

Is there a free Splunk?

How much does Splunk cost per GB?

The Splunk Enterprise Security platform can be deployed on premises or in the cloud. Pricing is based on volume and license lifetime, either per year or perpetual. A gigabyte daily index volume with annual term license is $1,800 per GB; a perpetual license for GB daily index volume is $4,500 per GB.

Why does Splunk keep beating open source competitors?

According to Box engineer Jeff Weinstein, “misuse” is a primary driver of Splunk’s continued adoption, by which he means enterprises pushing data into Splunk for jobs it may not be particularly well-suited to manage.

Is the open source ELK stack overtaking Splunk?

Splunk is a global product that is used worldwide — and the only alternative to Splunk that has a global reach is the ELK Stack, while Sumo Logic is geographically focused on the United States. Even a heavily funded, global company like Splunk is unable to cope with a successful open-source stack.

Is the Splunk log analysis tool open source?

All essential data infrastructure these days is open source. Or rather, nearly all — Splunk, the log analysis tool, remains stubbornly, happily proprietary. Despite a sea of competitors, the best

What to look for in an alternative to Splunk?

Learn the best Splunk alternative for modern day stacks, what to look for in alternative solutions, and other factors like logging features, speed, ease of use, deployment, scalability, and cost. What Does Splunk Do? Since its first release in 2007, Splunk quickly became one of the leading log management solutions.