What is Comrex BRIC Link?

BRIC-Link II is a low-cost, high-performance solution for audio-to-IP conversion. Like its predecessor BRIC-Link, BRIC-Link II provides an elegant way of moving linear or compressed audio with very low delay. BRIC-Link II is simple to use, and can be deployed over a wide range of IP links.

How do I connect to comrex?

To log into the interface, enter the IP address of the ACCESS into your computer’s web browser. You can then enter any username and use the default password, comrex. To make an outgoing connection, you must first create a new remote in the Connections tab.

What is comrex access?

Comrex ACCESS 2USB is a full-featured IP codec designed for the field. Rugged, portable, and versatile, ACCESS 2USB is equipped with a simple user interface perfect for the field.

How do I update my comrex access?

Users can upgrade their Comrex IP audio codecs using the free Device Manager application which can be downloaded here. If a user is updating a device from FW version 2.7. 1 or earlier, they can contact Comrex Support for assistance. For more information, contact [email protected].

How do I find my comrex MAC address?

How do I find my MAC address? In the Web GUI, navigate to Network. Click Manage Networks, then click Select Ethernet Port Entry. Press the Configure button, and you’ll see the MAC address.

What is a comrex unit?

A Comrex is a video codec Plus, LiveShot has a full-duplex cue channel and return video. Utilizing sophisticated CrossLock VPN technology, LiveShot is able to make use of even the most challenging 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, and satellite networks to maintain a secure and stable connection.

How does a comrex work?

How much does ipDTL cost?

Catch #7: ipDTL is pretty expensive. It’s free for your interviewees, of course, but for you, a day pass is $15. Monthly plans range from $30 to $70. At the higher end you get video, you can connect with up to four people at once, and — get this — you can call ISDNs.

Is Source Connect free?

Source-Connect Now is provided as a free service.

Is dial-up digital or analog?

Dial-up. A dial-up modem converts digital signals from a computer to analogue signals that are then sent down the telephone line. A modem on the other end converts the analogue signal back to a digital signal the computer can understand. The maximum theoretical connection speed is 56 Kbps .

What do you need to know about Comrex BRIC Link II?

Leveraging many of the core technical aspects of Comrex’s successful remote broadcast ACCESS product line, BRIC-Link II provides for an elegant way of moving linear or compressed audio with very low delay. BRIC-Link II is very simple to use, and can be deployed over a wide range of IP links.

Where can I get the BRIC Link II device manager?

This program can be downloaded from the BRIC-Link II product page of the Comrex website. In order to configure BRIC-Link II, the Device Manager must be run on a Windows PC or MAC located on the same physical LAN as the BRIC-Link II hardware. Once power is applied to BRIC-Link II, you have five minutes to configure the IP settings.

How big of a switchboard do I need for BRIC Link?

Switchboard is available for BRIC-Link and BRIC-Link II codecs through the one-time purchase of a license key per codec. Mount a single or two side-by-side BRIC-Link IIs in your 19″ rack. *BRIC-Link II Rack Kit includes: Rack shelf, customized front panel and mounting screws.

Is the BRIC Link 2 a good audio converter?

While it carries an entry-level cost, BRIC-Link II maintains superb audio specifications and hardware reliability, making the system suitable for STLs and other mission-critical functions without the expense required of more full-featured codecs. BRIC-Link II is contained in a small desktop package.