What is curriculum planning and its importance?

Curriculum planning and assessment for learning have been shown to have a significant impact on student outcomes over time. This information can also be a powerful tool to help parents/carers understand their child’s knowledge and skills, and the approaches taken by the school to enable learning and development.

What is curriculum planning and development?

Curricular planning and development, the process of looking at the standards in each subject area and developing a strategy to break down these standards so they can be taught to students, varies according to grade level, subjects taught and available supplies.

What are the 5 elements of a curriculum plan?

Elements of Curriculum Development

  • Situational analysis.
  • Formulation of objectives.
  • Selection of content, scope and sequence.
  • Activities, strategies and method of teaching.
  • Evaluation.

What are the main elements about curriculum planning?

There are a number of fundamental questions that help determine the development and implementation of a plan for instruction. Regardless of definition or approach, curriculum can be organized into three major components: objectives, content or subject matter, and learning experiences.

What is curriculum planning in your own words?

The process concerned with making decisions about what to learn, why, and how to organize the teaching and learning process taking into account existing curriculum requirements and the resources available.

What is the ultimate goal of curriculum planning?

The major objective of curriculum development is to improve the District’s educational offerings and its instructional activities and practices in order to increase student engagement in the learning process and improve student achievement.

What is the essence of curriculum planning?

Curriculum planning develop well coordinated, quality teaching, learning and assessment programmes which build students knowledge, skills and behaviours in the disciplines, as well as their interdisciplinary and or physical, personal and social capacities.

What does curriculum planning mean?

The phrase “curriculum planning” can refer to the means through which school boards coordinate the various curricula being used by teachers in order to achieve uniform goals. Curriculum planning includes a teacher creating a class curriculum. Curriculum planning has to be done so that students learn necessary skills without them becoming too bored.

What are the steps of curriculum development?

The curriculum development process can be categorized into five basic steps: 1) needs assessment, 2) the planning session, 3) content development, 4) pilot delivery and revision, and 5) the completed curriculum package. The ideal situation is to have, at a minimum, 12 – 18 months to design and develop a curriculum.

What are the components of a good curriculum?

A curriculum has five major components: (1) A framework of assumptions about the learner and the society such as learners’ capacity and ability, aptitudes and potential for learning, motivation, needs, interests and values as well as society’s orientation to nurturing or using the individual gainfully.

What are the objectives of curriculum?

Objectives are statements that describe the end-points or desired outcomes of the curriculum, a unit, a lesson plan, or learning activity. They specify and describe curriculum outcomes in more specific terms than goals or aims do.