What is form dd4?


How do I fill out a DD Form 4?

  1. NAME (Last, First, Middle)
  3. HOME OF RECORD (Street, City, State, ZIP Code)
  4. PLACE OF ENLISTMENT/REENLISTMENT (Mil. Installation, City, State)

What is a DD Form 1966?

The application for Enlistment-Armed Forces of the United States, DD Form 1966, was designed for use in collecting and recording information on applicants for enlistment or reenlistment in the Armed Forces.

What documents do I need to enlist in the army?

Here’s What Paperwork You Need Before Joining the Military

  • Driver’s license.
  • Social Security card.
  • Green card (if applicable)
  • Passport (if you have one)
  • Birth certificate.
  • Marriage license or divorce papers (if applicable)
  • Legal records (if needed)
  • Credit report (if needed)

What happens after your military contract is up?

When your time in the DEP is up, and it’s time to go onto active duty and ship out to basic training, you are discharged from the inactive reserves and sign a new enlistment contract to enlist on active duty.

What is a form of military?

Military Forms are a major part of the documentation within the military and Defense Department for tracking and numerous other purposes. These military forms cover all branches of the military including the Defense Department (DoD), Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Guard, Reserve and Veterans.

Does the oath of enlistment expire?

Our oaths never expire. Technically it expires once our enlistments/commissions are up. BUT, as Capt Seid Waddell says, our Oath never expires. It is our duty to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.

Can the military force you to reenlist?

In general, those who receive an Army RE Code of RE-1 may reenlist in the Army or another service with no problem. Individuals with an Army RE Code of RE-4 or RE-4R (retired) are normally not eligible to reenlist in the Army, nor to join another service.

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What is a spiff military?

The recruiters may get you to sign something called a “Spiff,” (Form 680) which allows them to get the “original” physical. This opens up all other sorts of issues that we don’t have time to go through.

What should I not tell my military recruiter?

Eight things your military recruiter will never tell you

  • 1: Free housing and healthcare isn’t really.
  • 2: When you get out, the VA sucks.
  • 3: You’re not going to do all the things you saw in the commercials, and if you do, you’re gonna pay for it.
  • 3: Spoiler Alert: POGs win in the end.

What kind of Records can I request from the military?

I Want to Request: Military personnel records can include DD 214s/Separation Documents, service personnel records found within the Official Military Personnel File (OMPF), and medical Records. Military personnel records can be used for proving military service or as a valuable tool in genealogical research.

What kind of paperwork do you need to join the military?

Of all the paperwork you signed during the process to join the military, this is the most important document. If you enlist on active duty, you’ll actually sign two enlistment contracts. The first one places you in the Delayed Enlistment Program (DEP).

Where can I get my military discharge papers?

We can help you get the Veteran’s DD214 or other discharge documents you may need. Mail or fax a Request Pertaining to Military Records (Standard Form SF 180) to the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC). Write a letter to the NPRC.

What are the criteria for enlistment in the Marine Corps?

1. Situation. This manual establish es the criteria for enlistment as directed by the Commandant of the Marine Corps, the procedures governing the processing of applicants and summarizes recruiting support programs to be used in accomplishing the enlisted recruiting mission. 2. Mission.