What is r6 zoning in BC?

The purpose is to provide a zone for the development of residential housing along the lakefront in the of single detached, semi-detached or duplex housing. The R6c sub-zoning district allows for care centre, major as an additional use.

What is R1 zoning in BC?

R1. 9.2 R1 : Estate Lot Residential. 9.2.1 Purpose. The purpose is to provide a zone for single detached housing, and compatible uses, on. larger urban serviced lots.

What is r2 zoning in BC?

Download. Zoning Bylaw # 5000, 2003. The purpose is to provide a zone for single detached housing, and compatible secondary uses, on large sized urban serviced lots. The R2c sub-zoning district allows for care centre, major as an additional use.

How high can a Nanaimo fence be?

2 – The height of a fence shall not exceed 2. 4 metres in a side or rear yard. “

How big of a shed can I build without a permit in BC?

10 sq. meters
No permit required. You do not need a building permit to put up a shed smaller than 10 sq. meters (108 sq ft). However, you will still need to submit a site plan to the building department, showing the size and placement of the shed, as it must conform to the zoning bylaw.

Can you build a house on a-1 zoning?

This doesn’t mean A-1 is reserved just for farm or agricultural uses. Churches, schools, utility facilities (water or electric storage yards), business offices, hospitals, clubs, bed & breakfast inns, kennels, feed stores, etc., are also allowed to build on A-1 zoned property.

What does it mean when a property is not zoned?

Unzoned land
Related Definitions Unzoned land means an area which has not been zoned by a properly constituted zoning authority according to legally prescribed procedure.

What is an R 2 zone?

R2 (Residential, Low Density) District. The R2 zoning district identifies areas of the City characterized by low density development. The standards of the R2 zoning district are intended to maintain residential neighborhood character, and to ensure that new development is compatible with the existing character.

How big can you build in BC without a permit?

How big of a storage shed can I build without a building permit? A building permit is not required for accessory buildings that are less than 10m2 that are used for utility purposes and that do not create a hazard.

How to check your zoning in Nanaimo BC?

To confirm the zoning, please contact Current Planning staff. The Use Index* is a companion document to the City of Nanaimo’s Zoning Bylaw 2011 NO. 4500. The document below will assist you in determining which uses are permitted within a zone: *The Use Index may not always be up to date.

What is the bylaw for the city of Nanaimo?

City of Nanaimo Zoning Bylaw No. 4500 Zoning Bylaw No. 4500 Zoning Bylaw No. 4500 This consolidated version of the Zoning Bylaw is dated 2019-DEC-02.

What is part i-r6 residential sixth density zone?

PART I – R6 RESIDENTIAL SIXTH DENSITY ZONE I 3 land not less than 3.0 m. in width. Such strip of land shall be reserved for landscaping purposes and shall contain at least one row of hardy shrubs, not less than 1.5 m. in height, and shall be maintained in a healthy growing condition, except for points of ingress and egress.

What are the rules for the R6 zone?

The following provisions shall apply to the use of land and the construction of buildings in all R6 Zones, subject to the general provisions under Part B and Part C of this By-Law. 1. PERMITTED USES Any person may use land and erect, occupy and maintain buildings and structures thereon for any of the following purposes: