What is the best bird feeder for finches?

Consider the following 10 top finch feeders.

  1. Kaytee Finch Feeder.
  2. Stokes Select 38194 Bird Feeder.
  3. Woodlink NATUBE9 Audubon Plastic 8 Port Thistle Finch Feeder.
  4. Droll Yankees DROCJTHM36Y Hanging Tube Bird Feeder.
  5. Perky-Pet No/No Green and Black Finch Feeder.
  6. Perky-Pet Upside Down Goldfinch Feeder.

Do finches need special feeders?

5. Finches Need Clean Feeders. Finches don’t like dirty feeders and will avoid a feeder if it’s moldy or otherwise unclean. When it rains, seed can also become clumpy, and the birds won’t be able to pull seeds out of the feeder.

Where should finch feeders be placed?

Position your feeders 10 to 12 feet away from shelters so that birds can quickly escape when a predator approaches. Birds prefer feeders that are hung higher than the head height. For finches, you don’t need to hang the feeders under the branches specifically.

What kind of birds eat finches?

Nyjer® (thistle) is finches’ favorite food. Nyjer’s high oil content makes it an excellent energy source for active birds, and it’s best used in our specially designed finch feeders. It is important to keep the food fresh because finches can be picky eaters.

What bird feeder is best for Cardinals?

The Best Cardinal Bird Feeders

  • The Perky-Pet Cardinal Bird Feeder, in Red.
  • The Brome Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder, with Metal Perches.
  • The Brome Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder, with Cardinal Ring.
  • The Perky-Pet Squirrel Proof Country House Bird Feeder.
  • The Perky-Pet Panorama Copper Bird Feeder.
  • The Roamwild Cardinal Bird Feeder.

What birds can eat from a finch feeder?

Nyjer is a popular seed with many other finches, sparrows, doves, towhees, quail, and buntings. Even unexpected birds may try a bite of Nyjer when it is offered, and woodpeckers, thrushes, chickadees, and other birds have been spotted snacking at thistle seed feeders.

How do you attract purple finches?

Look for House Finches feeding on the ground or at bird feeders, or perching high in nearby trees. Your backyard feeder is a great place to look for Purple Finches.

How do you attract yellow finches?

Yellow finches enjoy black oil sunflower seeds as well as hulled seeds from other sunflower varieties. They also eat seeds from dandelions, goldenrod, and other plants. Flax and millet are a few other inexpensive treats to stretch out a bag of thistle seeds.

Do finches eat sunflower seeds?

Birds like finches and cardinals love sunflower seeds, which they take into their stout, triangular beaks one after the other.

What food attracts finches?

Nyjer (Guizotia abyssinica) is a tiny seed which goldfinches love. The seeds are so tiny that you need a special feeder with small holes so the nyjer doesn’t blow away.

The most popular feeders for finches are the mesh feeder, sock feeder, and tube feeder. Finch feeders will also come in a hopper style, but they don’t seem to attract these birds as well as the other styles.

What is the best food for a finch?

Fresh vegetables and fruit add natural enzymes and fiber to a finch’s diet. Finches enjoy most fresh food, including grated or finely chopped apples, broccoli, or carrots. These small birds are especially sensitive to environmental toxins, and bird owners should wash all fresh foods to remove any residual pesticides.

How do you feed finches?

Feed your finch a wide variety of foods. In order to give finches a balanced diet, they should be fed a combination of seeds, pellets, vegetables, and fruits. This will help them to get all the nutrition they need. It is imperative that you remember that a balanced diet includes a bit of all of these components.

What to feed yellow finches?

Grassland yellow finches eat seeds and insects, and are usually seen in pairs or small groups.