What is the main message of Whale Rider?

Despite its focus on Maori culture, the themes in Whale Rider are universal and highlight important communication principles. We see the power of significant others to affect our self esteem, and the fact that, against strong odds, it is possible to assert ourselves and create an identity of our own.

What does the waka represent in Whale Rider?

What does the Waka represent? I think it’s a symbol for the Maori community and traditions. At the end, the community is brought together by Pai and the waka is finally finished. They all ride the waka out to sea – into a bright future – with Pai leading them.

What is the creation story of Whale Rider about?

The story of Whale Rider is about Pai, a girl descended from Paikea, the mythical ancestor of Ngati Konohi hapu (sub tribe) who live in Whangara on the East Coast of New Zealand. Paikea is said to have arrived from their place of origin, Hawaikii, on the back of a whale.

Is Whale Rider sad?

Parents need to know that Whale Rider has some tense family confrontations. The death of a mother and baby in childbirth is very sad. A character is injured but ultimately recovers. There’s brief strong language regarding female and male genitalia.

What are the sticks called in Whale Rider?

Koro leads a cultural school for the village’s first-born boys, hoping to find a new leader. He teaches the boys to use a taiaha (fighting stick), which is traditionally reserved for males.

Who does Nanny Flowers wait on before starting the ceremony at the sacred school?

11. Who does Nanny Flowers wait on before starting the ceremony at the sacred school? She waits on Pai.

What age group is Whale Rider for?

Overall comments and recommendations

Children under 8 Due to the content and nature of this film not recommended for children under 7.
Children aged 8-12 Should be able to see this film with parental guidance but might find it boring

How does Pai show leadership?

Pai, the born leader Throughout the novel and the film, she has to, not only, fulfil the tribe’s expectations but also to go beyond them. Her qualities and skills are noticed by all of the people around her. She learns the ways of her community and shows resilience, persistence and dignity.

Who was the Whale Rider in Maori mythology?

Supernatural beings like the legendary Taniwha are called Tipua in Maori. They can take any form and dwell in the natural environment. Sometimes they become guardians like the famed Taniwha. The Taniwha is a great example because there are many who believe the whale in Whale Rider and the Paikea mythology was a whale form of a Taniwha.

What happens at the end of Whale Rider?

One day, all of the boys fail the final test from Koro, which they have to get the whale tooth, which Koro uses as a necklace, from under the sea. Then Pai goes to the same place and she succeeds to get Koro’s whale tooth back, again.

Why was Koro upset at the end of Whale Rider?

Towards the ending of the film Koro notices numerous whales are beached near the home. The entire village try’s to drag them back into the water but, where unsuccessful. Koro sees it as a sign of failure and gets upset when Pai is touching the largest whale because he feels she has done enough damage.

Who is the hero in the Whale Rider movie?

Some numbers of action movies or other genre of movie, they usually show that the boys are the one to be a hero, while the girls are the one who was weak and helpless. On the contrary, Whale Rider movie serves something different for the audience.