What is the origin of the river Marsyas?

Marsyas was a devoté of the ancient Mother Goddess Rhea/Cybele, and his episodes are situated by the mythographers in Celaenae (or Kelainai), in Phrygia, at the main source of the Meander (the river Menderes in Turkey).

What kind of creature is Marsyas?

Meet Marsyas, a part-man, part-animal creature from Greek mythology called a satyr [SAY-ter], who was punished after losing a competition with Apollo, the god of music.

What is the purpose of sculptures of Hellenistic period?

In addition to natural poses, Hellenistic artists sought to replicate the bodies of real humans. While this is evident in the unidealized sculptures of gods that were prevalent during the period, it also manifested as statues of ordinary people.

What were the two most famous sculptures from the Hellenistic period?

A number of the best-known works of Greek sculpture belong to this period, including Laocoön and His Sons, Venus de Milo, and the Winged Victory of Samothrace.

Who was skinned alive by Apollo?

His skin was displayed at Calaenae in southern Phrygia, as the Greek historians Herodotus and Xenophon report. According to the 2nd-century-ad Greek writer Hyginus, King Midas of Phrygia was given asses’ ears by Apollo when he voted for Marsyas.

What was the curse of Cassandra?

In Greek mythology, Cassandra was cursed for her ability to predict the future. No one listened to her. One of the consequences was the ruinous fall of Troy to the Greeks. She herself was captured, and then killed.

Which of the following is an example of Hellenistic sculpture?

Of the best examples of Hellenistic sculptures is the Colossus of Rhodes- that which was constructed by the Rhodians in honor of their sun god Helios.

Who was Orion’s wife?

Side, the first wife of Orion and mother of his daughters Metioche and Menippe.

Is Orion Darkseid’s son?

Orion is the second son of Darkseid; dictator of Hellish Apokolips. He is the half-brother of Kalibak and Grayven. As a child, Orion was traded to New Genesis’ benevolent leader Highfather for Scott Free, Highfather’s own son, in The (peace) Pact between New Genesis and Apokolips.

What kind of sculpture is the Hanging Marsyas?

The white marble Hanging Marsyas, one of the most famous statues of the Medicean collection, plays a central role in the sculpture history of the Hellenistic period.

Where can I find a replica of the Marsyas?

This type is well known after a good number of replicas, one of which is at the Louvre and another at the Istanbul Museum; the Marsyas is traceable to a group, that included the celebrated Knife-grinder of the Tribuna, executed in the Pergamene artistic milieu of the II century B.C.

Where did Titian paint the Flaying of Marsyas?

The painting has been in Kroměříž in Moravia since 1673, and was rather forgotten about, being off the beaten track as far as Venetian painting is concerned. It “did not enter critical literature until 1909”. By the 1930s it was “widely accepted as an important late work” among scholars, but little known by a wider public.

Who is the old man on the painting Marsyas?

The mythical King Midas, the seated old man on the right, is often thought to be a self-portrait. His downward line of gaze at Marsyas is parallel to that of the musician looking up to the heavens on the other side of the painting.