What is the political system of the Philippines today?

Unitary statePresidential systemParliamentary republicConstitutional republic
The Philippines is a republic with a presidential form of government wherein power is equally divided among its three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. The government seeks to act in the best interests of its citizens through this system of check and balance.

What are the politics in the Philippines?

The country is a democracy, led by a directly-elected president who is both the head of state and the head of government. The President heads the executive branch, and has significant political powers. Presidents are limited to a single six-year term of office.

What is the biggest problem in the Philippines?

The Philippines also suffers major human-caused environmental degradation aggravated by a high annual population growth rate, including loss of agricultural lands, deforestation, soil erosion, air and water pollution, improper disposal of solid and toxic wastes, loss of coral reefs, mismanagement and abuse of coastal …

What was the name of the local political party of Philippines?

Major parties

Philippine name English name Abbreviation and color
Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan Philippine Democratic Party-People’s Power PDP-Laban
Nacionalista Party Nationalist Party NP
Nationalist People’s Coalition NPC
Lakas–Christian Muslim Democrats Power-Christian Muslim Democrats Lakas–CMD

What are the current problems in the Philippines?

Factbook > Countries > Philippines > Geography . Environment – current issues: uncontrolled deforestation especially in watershed areas; soil erosion; air and water pollution in major urban centers; coral reef degradation; increasing pollution of coastal mangrove swamps that are important fish breeding grounds.

What are the common problems in the Philippines?

Most Common Dental Problems in the Philippines Tooth Decay. Tooth decay affects about 92.4% of Filipinos which means that majority of the people here in the Philippines experience tooth decay. Teeth Discoloration. Everyone would love having pearly white teeth that enhances their face and confidence. Periodontal Disease. Teeth Sensitivity. Misaligned Teeth.

What are the common social problems in the Philippines?


  • Violence.
  • Religious conflict.
  • Political conflict.
  • Water shortage.
  • Minimum wage.
  • Mental health and suicide.
  • Illegal logging.
  • Same-sex marriage.
  • Healthcare issues.
  • What are some economic problems in the Philippines?

    Major Economic Problems of the Philippines. Import-Export Imbalance: Among the many economic problems faced by the Philippines, one is the imbalance of imports and exports. The negative trade is heavy and only counterbalanced by the service account surplus.