What oil goes in a mini first?

MINI Cooper Oil Recommendations MINI High Performance Synthetic 5W-30 Oil is the most highly recommended option, as it is used by MINI themselves during a MINI Oil Change and is even listed with other MINI Cooper parts (part number 07 51 0 143 829).

When did the Mini Coopers go Turbo?

The Cooper S soon got out-powered by the higher performing John Cooper Works model in 2015. In 2018, the Life Cycle Impulse (LCI) brought twin turbos to the 3-cylinder diesel engines, albeit with no changes in output.

What type of oil does a Mini Coopers use?

Your MINI is factory-filled with MINI High Performance Synthetic oils. We recommend MINI High Performance 5W-30 Synthetic Oil (MINI part number 07 51 0 143 829) for regular scheduled engine oil changes. MINI recommends that you check your engine oil level whenever you add fuel to your vehicle.

What year Mini Coopers should be avoided?

Some of the lowest predicted reliability scores suggest 2006 through 2012 are the worst years for the Mini Cooper. And to be safe, there were problematic models in the earlier 2000s, as well.

Can I use 10W 40 instead of 5W30?

Your vehicle does not use 5W-30 oil. The recommended oil viscosity for your vehicle, according to Kia documentation, is 10W-40. If you drive the vehicle in exceptionally cold weather, well below 32 degrees, you can use 5W-30 oil but even 10W-40 is still perfectly OK to use if outdoor temperatures are below freezing.

What oil does a Mini Cooper S R56 take?

For the 2nd generation models, R55/R56/R57/R58/R59/R60/R61 2007-2016 MINI Models, again, FULL SYNTHETIC recommended engine oils are SAE 5W-30 as well as SAE 0W-40, 0W-30 , 5W-40 API SM or higher, ACEA A3/B4.

How often do you change the oil in a Mini Cooper S?

every 4,000 to 6,000 miles
All MINI vehicles should receive an oil change every 4,000 to 6,000 miles, and precise oil change frequency guidelines are laid out in your owner’s manual.

How much does oil change on Mini Cooper cost?

Three extra oil changes would have cost approximately $300. For the cars affected by turbo issues this would have saved MINI USA $1,300 per car (not including labor). This last point also underscores why it’s so critical to check and change your oil regularly and (with these particular MINIs) ahead of the recommended intervals.

Is there a turbo upgrade for the Mini Cooper s?

High Flow High Torque K04 GT Dominatorâ„¢ Turbo Upgrade for your 2nd Generation Turbocharged MINI Cooper S! Although the factory turbo does a splendid job of forced induction for the Cooper S, there IS room for improvement.

What kind of engine does a Mini Cooper have?

I have the n18 engine. The Thermostat and Water Pump Gaskets cracked (both) and steamed all the coolant out to the point of overheating and engine failure. No warnings, no lights, just pull it over and no more compression.

What kind of intake do I need for Mini Cooper Turbo?

Kit includes oversized silicone Turbo Inlet Adapter Pipe to connect with popular aftermarket Intake Kits such as NM Engineering and K&N. This Turbo requires an upgraded intake system such as the NM Engineering Intakes. NOT compatible with the stock intake system.