What part of speech is prosecution?

verb (used with object), pros·e·cut·ed, pros·e·cut·ing. Law. to institute legal proceedings against (a person). to seek to enforce or obtain by legal process.

What kind of word is prosecution?

The act of prosecuting a scheme or endeavor. “The prosecution of the war fell to Winston Churchill.” The institution of legal proceedings (particularly criminal) against a person.

Is prosecute a verb or noun?

transitive verb. 1 : to follow to the end : pursue until finished prosecute a war. 2 : to engage in : perform. 3a : to bring legal action against for redress or punishment of a crime or violation of law.

What is the noun of prosecute?

prosecution. The act of prosecuting a scheme or endeavor. (law) The institution of legal proceedings (particularly criminal) against a person. (law) The prosecuting party.

What does prosecution mean in simple words?

1 : the act of carrying on a legal action against a person accused of a crime in court. 2 : the lawyers in a criminal case trying to prove that the accused person is guilty The prosecution will try to prove it was murder. prosecution.

What’s the difference between persecuted and prosecuted?

Prosecute – to bring legal action against for redress or punishment of a crime or violation of law. Persecute – to harass or punish in a manner designed to injure, grieve, or afflict; specifically: to cause to suffer because of belief.

What is prosecution process?

The prosecution commences the presentation of evidence, followed by the accused. Prosecution may present rebuttal evidence. The parties may also present written arguments or memoranda after which the case is deemed submitted for decision.

Is prosecutable a word?

adjective Capable of being prosecuted; liable to prosecution.

Who is the prosecution in a case?

The prosecution is the legal party responsible for presenting the case in a criminal trial against an individual accused of breaking the law. Typically, the prosecutor represents the government in the case brought against the accused person.

What is prosecution and examples?

How do you use persecuted in a sentence?

Persecuted sentence example

  1. The Thirty Years War settled once for all the principle that men should not be persecuted for their religious faith.
  2. He also encouraged informers and persecuted suspects on their unsupported statements.
  3. This is mainly because they are less heavily persecuted .

What is the legal definition of prosecution?

What was the opening speech for the trial?

Mr. Crowley opened the case as follows: On the 5th of November, 1872, there was held in this State, as well as in other States of the Union, a general election for different officers, and among those, for candidates to represent several districts of this State in the Congress of the United States.

What are the 9 parts of speech in a sentence?

Every sentence you write or speak in English includes words that fall into some of the nine parts of speech. These include nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, articles/determiners, and interjections. (Some sources include only eight parts of speech and leave interjections in their own category.)

When does a prosecutor refer to a political party?

In the prosecutor’s presentation of the case, note carefully whether political considerations are articulated at any point. If a prosecutor speaks of a political party or movement as “corrupt” rather than the specific individuals charged, this is extremely telling.

Which is the best synonym for the word prosecution?

The zeal which the latter evinced in his Prosecution of Hastings. The Prosecution hoped to show that this chain was the one which I had said had been stolen. The Prosecution’s first battle against the “higher-ups” had brought no victory. “Big Jim” Gallagher, the Prosecution’s leading witness, disappeared.