What type of clouds are nacreous?

Nacreous clouds are often lenticular wave clouds and thus are found downwind of mountain ranges that induce gravity waves in the stratosphere. Their formation may also be associated with severe tropospheric storms. By day, nacreous clouds often resemble pale Cirrus.

Which cloud is known as mother of pearl?

Nacreous, also known as “mother of pearl,” and other kinds of “polar stratospheric” clouds are somewhat rare.

Are there clouds in Antarctica?

Although the Antarctic atmosphere is normally freezing many Antarctic clouds contain both water droplets and ice crystals. In the interior of Antarctica the temperature is very low (below -50°C) and here the clouds tend to be made up solely of ice particles.

What is a dark cloud called?

Nimbostratus clouds are dark, gray clouds that seem to fade into falling rain or snow. They are so thick that they often blot out the sunlight. Weather prediction: Gloomy with continuous rain or snow.

What is the scariest cloud?

Scud clouds are cloud fragments that seem to hang much lower in the sky than the rest of the clouds and they can even form a point that makes them look just like a tornado. In actuality, these clouds are just smaller bits of condensation that aren’t attached to the higher layers of thick cumulonimbus storm clouds.

What makes a nacreous cloud a wave cloud?

They are wave clouds and their undulating sheet-like forms reveal the winds and waves of the stratosphere. ©Cherie Ude, shown with permission.

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Are there any nacreous clouds in the UK?

Though nacreous clouds are officially known as “polar stratospheric clouds”, they are now common over Scotland, and have been observed as far south as the Midlands. Just as temperatures down on the ground can vary considerably from one winter to the next, so can those up in the stratosphere.