What was the fuel economy of the M1009 Blazers?

The M1009 Blazers had the same fuel injection pump governor as the m1008 trucks but the 3.08 gear ratio allowed them to travel in excess of 80mph. In stock form the M1009 was capable of 21 miles per gallon fuel economy with it’s 27 gallon tank giving it the greatest endurance of any CUCV.

Do you really want a K5 Blazer or M1009?

If you want a vehicle that gets good gas millage i would not suggest a k5 blazer!!! It has been my experience, both personal and on this board, that most people do NOT buy CUCVs because of their fuel economy. I had wanted an M1009 Blazer for years and when I had the opportunity to buy one I did.

Is the K5 Blazer an army surplus truck?

This offering is for an Army Surplus Military Chevrolet K5 Blazer M1009 CUCV. It has a 6.2 Liter Diesel engine with 55,000 Miles on the odometer. This is a smooth riding and comfortable truck that tracks straight down the road. You’ll never get stuck in the mud or snow.

What was the M1009 used for in the Army?

It was used by the army for mostly transporting commanding officers around the field as well as providing communications. This particular M1009 came from Minnesota before here in Iowa, and before that somewhere in Kansas as far as I can tell.

What was the M1009 used for in Desert Storm?

It is rumored that while the M1009 served in combat during Desert Storm, the results were “less than desirable,” and it has been supplanted by the Humvee (HMMWV) it was intended to support. What Is a M1009? By now, you’re burning with curiosity—what is a M1009 exactly? It’s an old Blazer with a diesel engine.

What kind of mileage does a M1009 get?

A M1009 does get pretty decent mileage considering its an 80’s truck but nothing compared to cars now. So far i can get 200 miles and still have a little over half a tank. Just driving in the city i was averaging 14.7 MPG, which isn’t too bad I think most of the guys on here report around 18-20 on the highway with the 09.