Where is soulmate Ragdolls located?

We are ragdoll kitten breeders in North Carolina, and we want you to have a cat that is loveable and playful.

Can Ragdolls be trained?

Yes, Ragdolls are easy to train because of their loving behavior and high intelligence. You can expect them to pick up the tricks pretty effortlessly. You have to maintain patience and perseverance in the process.

Are Ragdolls worth the money?

While it can’t be denied that Ragdoll cats are very expensive, many cat lovers—especially Ragdoll cat owners—swear that they are worth every penny. The Ragdoll is such a pleasure to have as a pet because of its affectionate nature.

Are Ragdolls hard to train?

Tips to Make the Training Task Easy for a Ragdoll Ragdolls cats are very sensitive and do not take well to harsh treatment. Cat’s kindergarten is a good to teach Ragdolls socialization. All family members should spend quality time with your Ragdoll.

Should Ragdolls be kept indoors?

Ragdolls are happy to live as indoor-only pets, but if you can let them out, try to cat-proof your garden as this breed isn’t very road-savvy. Most importantly, Linda adds: “Do your homework before you get a Ragdoll – they may look beautiful but looks aren’t everything!”

Should I bathe my Ragdoll cat?

Ragdoll cats are very clean pets on their own. Therefore, they don’t need to be bathed too often. Start bathing your cat, or rather rinsing it, when it is a kitten.

Do Ragdoll cats like to cuddle?

They thrive best with another pet for company and are highly social pets. They usually respond favourably to lots of hugs and cuddles from their people.

Do Ragdolls get lonely?

Because of their affectionate nature, Ragdolls are happiest with a companion. Ragdolls can get lonely, even more so than most other cats.

What kind of cat is a soulmate Ragdoll?

SomaRagdolls – We breed traditional blue eyed floppy cats with amazing temperaments. Soulmate Ragdolls – Soulmate Ragdolls Loving, well socialized children in fur coats. All patterns and colors.

Where to get a ragdoll cat in North Carolina?

If you live in North Carolina and you’re trying to adopt a Ragdoll kitten or cat, your best choice is to go to a Ragdoll cat breeder. These are people who specialize in the breed and really understand their personality traits and how to care for them.

What kind of personality does a ragdoll have?

Beautiful RAGDOLL kittens with puppy personalities. Our babies will follow you around, meet you at the door, and quickly become your best buddy. Breeding for 25 years, we strive to produce the most loving and well socialized kittens possible . Good with children and other pets in the home.

How does ritterkatz Ragdolls cattery describe themselves?

How They Describe Themselves: Ritterkatz Ragdolls is a small, in-home cattery. Our cats are members of the family, sharing our home with us, and never caged. They are treated as “furry children”, and in order to keep everyone healthy, happy and stress free, we have only a limited amount of kittens each year.