Who are Timon and Pumbaa in The Lion King?

This is an episode list for The Lion King’s Timon & Pumbaa, an American animated television series made by The Walt Disney Company. It follows the adventures of Timon the meerkat and Pumbaa the warthog from the 1994 Disney film The Lion King, as they live their problem-free philosophy Hakuna Matata.

How many episodes of Timon and Pumbaa are there?

In 1998, 39 new episodes were produced due to overseas demand. These episodes began airing on Toon Disney on January 1, 1999. In the third season characters like Simba, Speedy the Snail, Fred, Irwin, Boss Beaver, the Vulture Police, Rabbit, Toucan Dan, and the Natives are absent.

Who is the owner of Timon and Pumbaa?

Timon and Pumbaa fall into the hands of a reserve owner, who believes them to be an endangered species./ Timon is sure that Simba has become a carnivore and plots to eat him and Pumbaa. Error: please try again. Timon’s mother arrives.

Who are the bullcatchers in Timon and Pumbaa?

The Pain in Spain: In Spain, Pumbaa is mistaken for a bull and captured by two bullcatchers, Carlos and Consuelo Quint. But Pumbaa soon discovers that the current champion, El Toro, is unwilling to give up his title without a fight, leaving Timon unaware that he’s not fighting Pumbaa until its too late.


Timon is a meerkat and Pumbaa ‘s and Simba ‘s best friend, son of Ma and his deleted father, and possible mate of Kataka. He is a supporting character in The Lion King and The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride, and the protagonist of The Lion King 1½.

When did Timon and Pumbaa first come out?

The Lion King’s Timon & Pumbaa is a Disney animated television series that originally aired from 1995 to 1999. ”Funny! Lion King Song! The lion sleeps tonight | funny cartoon |”

Where does the song The Lion Sleeps Tonight come from?

Followed by. Video. “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” is a well-known song featured in both the film and musical versions of The Lion King, as well as at the end of the third episode of Timon & Pumbaa and on Track 3 from the CD Rhythm of the Pride Lands.

How is Timon selfish in The Lion King?

However, Timon can also to be selfish at times, but he shows a lot of heart as shown in the final battle of The Lion King when he and Pumbaa distract the hyenas so Simba could encounter Scar at Pride Rock. Despite his high intel, Timon is not as smart as he thinks he is, as he takes Pumbaa ‘s ideas as if they are his own.