Who has played at Kingston Mines in Chicago?

Founded in 1968, Kingston Mines is the largest and oldest continuously operating blues club in Chicago. Its two stages have been graced by the likes of Magic Slim, Koko Taylor, Sugar Blue, Billy Branch, Junior Wells, Mike Wheeler, Joanna Connor, and scores of other musical greats.

Is Kingston Mines still in business?

Kingston Mines, one of the oldest blues bar in Chicago, has been closed since March when the coronavirus pandemic hit and the state’s stay at home order began.

Is Kingston Mines safe?

Compare Kingston Mines, IL Crime Excellent. There is virtually no crime in this area. Crime is rampant in this area.

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Are mines proper grammar?

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Where is the Kingston Mines club in Chicago?

Kingston Mines (blues club) Kingston Mines is a blues nightclub in Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois. The club derived its name from the Kingston Mines Theatre Company founded by June Pyskacek in 1969 and located at 2356 N. Lincoln Av.

How did the Kingston Mines blues club get its name?

The club derived its name from the Kingston Mines Theatre Company founded by June Pyskacek in 1969 and located at 2356 N. Lincoln Av. The theatre was named after the Illinois town where the father of one of its actors, Jack Wallace, worked.

Who is the owner of the Kingston Mines?

Kingston Mines is still owned by the Pellegrino family and it is “the oldest, continuously operating blues club in Chicago.” Blues legends such as Koko Taylor, Carl Weathersby, and Magic Slim have played there; among a myriad more. The Kingston Mines has two alternating “headline” performances on its two stages into the early morning, every night.

Where are the famous blues clubs in Chicago?

Located in the heart of Chicago’s renowned “Blues Alley” is the world famous Kingston Mines. “Hear Blues, Drink Booze, Talk Loud, You’re Among Friends.” – Doc Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. Kingston Mines is a world-famous blues nightclub in Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois.