Who is the son of Kavita Kaushik?

Dinesh Chandra Kaushik
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Does Kavita Kaushik have a child?

Actress Kavita Kaushik, known for her portrayal of Chandramukhi Chautala on sitcom ‘F.I.R. ‘, has mutually decided with her husband Ronnit Biswas to never have a child.

What does Kavita Kaushik husband does?

Some Lesser Known Facts About Ronnit Biswas He started working in an event management company in 2005. After working there for two years, he started working at Innovations India Advertising and Events Pvt. Ltd. as operations head.

What is the age of Kavita Kaushik?

40 years (February 15, 1981)
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Is Kavita and Abhinav in a relationship?

According to Gehana Vasisth, Abhinav Shukla and Kavita Kavita Kaushik were in a short relationship with each other. The relationship was mostly one sided and it was more on from Abhinav Shukla’s side. Kavita was just trying to help him out as he was in deep trouble financially with huge unpaid credit card bills.

Is Kavita Kaushik Haryanavi?

In her initial days in the industry, Kaushik was offered mostly glamorous and negative roles owing to her tall frame and appealing personality. The role of a gusty female cop who speaks in a Haryanavi accent made Kaushik a renowned face of Indian television and won several accolades for her.

What did Kavita Kaushik husband Tweet?

After Kavita Kaushik stormed out of Bigg Boss 14 house, her husband Ronnit Biswas took to Twitter to reveal Abhinav Shukla’s alcohol problem. He even wrote that the actor used to get drunk and call and message Kavita to meet at odd hours and had begged them to give their house to shoot for his film.

What did Kavita say about Rubina?

Kavita Kaushik, who walked out of Bigg Boss 14 after a fight with Rubina Dilaik, surprised everyone with her pick of who should win the show. Kavita said that Rubina deserves the trophy because ‘no one else can tolerate insults for so long’, not even her.

What did Kavita husband said about Abhinav?

Kavita Kaushik’s husband says Abhinav Shukla has a drinking problem, drunk-called his wife till she called the cops. Kavita Kaushik’s husband Ronnit has alleged that Abhinav Shukla has a serious drinking problem and would drunk-call his wife at odd hours till she called the cops.

Is FIR coming back on SAB TV?

Kavita Kaushik and the team of F.I.R is BACK! The audience has been missing the show and today, as Kavita turned 40, she spent her time celebrating with the cast of the show.

What did Kavita Kaushik said about Abhinav?

Kavita Kaushik speaks out on Abhinav Shukla, Eijaz Khan and why she walked out of #BiggBoss14. was a bad one because it just didn’t work for you? Indeed, it didn’t work for me! In the 14 years that I was offered the show, during each season, I believed that I was an absolute misfit for it.

What did Kavita Kaushik Tweet?

FIR actress Kavita Kaushik took to Twitter to express her dissapointment over this. She said that people are dying of hunger amid this pandemic while others are wasting food in such large quantity. She also asked why people go overboard with everything.