10 Signs That a Newborn Baby Needs to Consult a Doctor

Going home with a healthy baby after a nine-month preparation brings happiness to the entire family. However, a newborn baby is very delicate and can contract bacterial infection anytime due to low immunity. The condition can also become worse within no time.

Especially for new parents, it’s vital to keep looking after your child in case of any routine changes. Some of these changes are normal, while others are not. This article will help you understand the baby’s danger signs that will require a doctor’s consultation.

1. Fever

Fever is a significant indication that your newborn child has fallen ill. Consult your doctor as fast as possible. The temperature rise may be a sign of bacterial meningitis, bloodstream infection, or sepsis, causing a high threat to the life of your child.

2. Blue Baby

You need an emergency appointment if your baby’s feet, hands, tongue, face, or lips starts turning blue. It’s an indication either the heart or lungs are functioning abnormally. The condition may become severe if not attended to at the right time.

3. Persistent Cough on Breastfeeding

A newborn child should not cough while breastfeeding. In case your baby develops a cough, there could be a problem in the lungs. You must therefore call a pediatrician to have check-ups done.

4. Excess Cries

Most newborns will cry often. If your child cries for a longer time, try making sure that the baby is well-fed, has a clean diaper, and he’s warm. If the cry doesn’t stop, consult your physician. If the cries have weird, abnormal sounds such as shrieking, the child might be in pain.

5. Jaundice

Some children are born with Jaundice. A yellowish tinge seen on the skin is the primary sign though mild Jaundice will cause no harm. However, if the yellowish color spreads throughout the body, call for an appointment with your doctor.

6. Respiratory Distress

A newborn child should not exceed 60 times breathing within a minute. For fast breathing, the child is likely to be suffering from sepsis, Pneumonia, or metabolic acidosis. Severe distress puts the life of your young one at high risk. In such a case, pay an emergency visit to the hospital.

7. Dehydration

Newborns get dehydrated more often if they vomit or diarrhea. If you notice any form of dehydration, give your baby more liquid kinds of stuff. If the condition persists, take the child to the hospital immediately. A significant sign of severe dehydration is observed if the child stays more than three hours without wetting the diaper. At times, the urine seems to be more concentrated with a dark yellow color.

8. Stool Containing Blood

A newborn baby may have a bloody stool. The condition requires close attention to see whether it persists. Most mothers will have their nipples cracking during the first days of breastfeeding. The cracks might leak blood to the baby while feeding, causing the baby’s stool to seem bloody. It’s not risky unless the mother has an infectious disease similar to HIV/AIDS that could be transmitted.

Constipation is the primary cause of bloody stool. However, the condition may be worse if the child’s intestines are bleeding. Your doctor will recommend antibiotics to overcome bacterial infections.

9. Diarrhea

The leading cause of diarrhea in a newborn is bacterial infection such as E. coli and salmonella. Make sure that you breastfeed your child more often to avoid dehydration. In case diarrhea has a bloody color, visit your doctor for treatment.

10. Vomiting

A newborn may vomit regularly after feeding. The reason is that the child has not yet gotten used to digesting food. However, if the vomit is green, red, or black, seek medical assistance.

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