Are bkr bottles worth it?

The glass is so quality and durable and for us water snobs- your water always tastes super clean. I’m in love with this bottle, it literally doesn’t leave my side. So in short, NO, the price tag isn’t ridiculous, it is so so so worth it.

Where is bkr located?

bkr is a woman-owned and operated company. All products are designed and engineered in San Francisco. All the parts are manufactured responsibly in Shenzhen.

Do bkr bottles break easily?

I love my bkr bottle. It is made of glass so there is no metal after taste like from the stainless steel bottles and no chemical leaching; the water just tastes clean and pure. Although the silicone wrapped glass bottle doesn’t break easily when dropped, the plastic cap does.

How much water does a bkr hold?

Bkr makes glass water bottles with translucent twist-off caps, available in capacities of 250 milliliters (about 8.5 ounces), 500 milliliters (about 17 ounces), and one liter (about 34 ounces). Each bottle is encased in a silicone sleeve that comes in two textures, smooth or spiky.

What is so special about bkr?

The bkr water bottle is so pretty and feels so good that you’ll want to take it everywhere. This will help you drink more water. Drinking more water helps fend off food cravings, headaches, softens your skin and just makes you feel better. The bkr water bottle makes water taste better.

What is a BKR?

BKR stands for Stichting Bureau Krediet Registratie. Do you want to borrow money for a new car, refurbishment or mortgage? Then you will automatically be registered with the BKR. The registration is designed to prevent you from taking out a loan that you can not actually pay.

What is so special about BKR?

How many Oz is a BKR?

32 oz
bkr Big 1L Glass Water Bottle (32 oz) – TEDDY.

How do you pronounce BKR?

The ascent of BKR (pronounced ‘beaker’) lies largely in its shrewd positioning.