Are Saris and CycleOps the same company? will be your go-to resource for Saris bike racks and bike trainers and formerly branded CycleOps bike trainers.

Where is Saris manufactured?

Madison, Wisconsin
42 years of local manufacturing, 27 of which under the Saris name. 1 global headquarters built right here in Madison, Wisconsin. All these numbers boil down to one thing: A passionate, long-held commitment to American manufacturing.

How do I contact Saris?

Call or email Saris Customer Service (1-800-783-7257 or [email protected]). We will email you instructions for returning your product.

Are Saris bike racks good?

The three-bike Saris Bones EX 3-Bike stands out because it’s solidly built, lightweight, easy to mount and to store when you aren’t using it, and capable of fitting on almost any car. Made of lightweight molded plastic, the Bones is easier to lift onto the back of a vehicle and strap on than its competitors.

Who owns CycleOps?

PowerTap belongs to the parent company Saris, which also owns indoor training brand Cycleops.

Are fluid or magnetic trainers better?

Advantages. Magnetic trainers are simpler than fluid trainers and, because of fluid trainers’ potential for leakage, are slightly more dependable. The ride provided by a fluid trainer is more road-like in feel than that of the magnetic trainer thanks to its progressive resistance.

Who owns Cycleops?

Did saris buy Cycleops?

Saris drops Cycling Group from name, Cycleops, Powertap, and Bike Fixation now by Saris. Saris Cycling group has grown a lot in their 40 years of business.

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What bike carrier is best?

The best bike racks and carriers you can buy in 2021

  1. Thule ProRide 598: Best single bike carrier for a single bike.
  2. Saris Bones EX 3-Bike Bike Rack: Best rear bike carrier.
  3. Thule RideOn 9502: Best towbar carrier under £250.
  4. Peruzzo Arezzo Towball 3: Best towbar carrier under £100.

Does Trek own Saris?

Saris will continue to be distributed by Giant, Hawley, J&B, Olympic Supply, Trek and QBP. The company, the parent of Saris Car Racks, Bike Fixation, PowerTap and CycleOps, said the changes were necessary for growth and to streamline the business and better respond to market demands.

Where can I find a saris bike dealer?


Is there a customer support team for saris?

As our Saris team adapts to the changing global environment due to COVID-19, as well as increased product demand, we wanted to share what you can expect from our customer support team at this time. Our incredible support team is still available to assist with requests remotely.

How to make a saris bike rack order?

If you have questions or need to make changes to an order placed through our site, please contact us by phone during normal business hours. Want to know which Saris bike rack fits your vehicle?