Can I run SQL 2008 and SQL 2012 on the same server?

As long as each SQL Server instance is installed as a unique named instance, there should be no conflict between them. A SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2012 Standard or Enterprise Edition instance may be used to run multiple databases, including a mix of third-party and/or Blackbaud databases.

Can I restore a SQL 2012 database to SQL 2008?

Ideally, there is no way you can restore MS SQL Server 2012 database to SQL Server 2008 even if the database was in a compatibility mode matching the lower version. Regardless of the compatibility mode chosen, SQL Server 2012 database is still a 2012 database internally.

How do you restore SQL database from .BAK file 2012 to 2008?

  1. Tasks -> Generate Scripts (in first wizard screen, click Next – may not show)
  2. Choose Script entire database and all database objects -> Next.
  3. Click [Advanced] button 3.1 Change [Types of data to script] from “Schema only” to “Schema and data” 3.2 Change [Script for Server Version] “2012” to “2008”

Does SQL Server 2012 support replication?

Backward compatibility is important to understand if you are upgrading, or if you have more than one version of SQL Server in a replication topology. For example: a SQL Server 2012 (11. x) Publisher can have SQL Server 2014 (12.

Can we install SQL Server 2008 and 2014 on same machine?

Using SQL Server Side-By-Side with Previous Versions of SQL Server. You can install SQL Server on a computer that is already running instances of an earlier SQL Server version. However, you can install multiple prepared instances of the same major version of SQL Server side by side on the same computer.

Can you run multiple SQL servers on a single machine?

Yes, you can run multiple databases in a single instance of SQL Server on the same machine.

Can I restore a SQL 2014 database to 2012?

How to Downgrade a SQL Server 2014 Database to SQL Server 2012 (or below)

  1. Generate Scripts. Right-click on your database from within the Object Explorer window and select Tasks, then Generate Scripts.
  2. Choose Objects.
  3. Set Scripting Options.
  4. Advanced Scripting Options.
  5. Final Script Changes.

Can you restore a SQL 2008 database to SQL 2016?

Yes you can directly migrate to SQl 2016 either attach/deattach or backup and restore. check the below links.

Can we install multiple versions of SQL Server on same machine?

You can install multiple instances of SQL Server, or install SQL Server on a computer where earlier SQL Server versions are already installed. The following SQL Server-related items are compatible with the installation of multiple instances on the same computer: Database Engine. Analysis Services.

How many SQL instances can be installed in a server?

You can install as many as 50 SQL Server instances on a Windows Server; obviously, we do not recommend this. In a Windows failover cluster, the maximum number of SQL Server instances is reduced by half if you’re using shared cluster drives. Only one of the SQL Server instances on a server can be the default instance.

Is it possible to replication MS SQL Server 2008?

Replication will not work if you install MS SQL Server 2008 on the second machine. For example, if you want to configure MS SQL transactional replication, you can use the second database server (where the Subscriber is configured) of a version within two versions of the source database server on which the Publisher is configured.

What are the three types of SQL server replication?

With these three types of replication, SQL Server provides a powerful and flexible system for synchronizing data across your enterprise. Replication to SQLCE 3.5 and SQLCE 4.0 is supported on both Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8. What’s new. SQL Server 2017 has not introduced significant new features to SQL Server replication.

Are there any replication features in SQL Server 2019?

A Subscriber to a merge publication can be all versions equal to or lower than the Publisher version which are supported as per the versions life cycle support cycle. Replication features that have been retained in Microsoft SQL Server 2019 (15.x) for backward compatibility, but, which will be removed in a future version of SQL Server.

What does replication mean in SQL Server Azure?

APPLIES TO: SQL Server Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Data Warehouse Parallel Data Warehouse. Replication is a set of technologies for copying and distributing data and database objects from one database to another and then synchronizing between databases to maintain consistency.