Do you get anything for completing all side quests FF7?

If you complete all six Chapter 3 quests before advancing the story, you’ll unlock the ‘Alone at Last’ Discovery, which leads to a one-on-one scene where Cloud and Tifa have a personal catch-up back at the apartments.

How many side quests are there in FF7?

FF7 Remake’s Chapter 9 has five side quests total, but you’ll only be able to do three in a given playthrough. This guide will walk you through them.

Should you do side quests in FF7?

As we mentioned, you don’t have to do all the side quests in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. But, there is a reward for doing so. If you do all the side quests (not counting the discoveries), you’ll earn an Elemental Materia and the trophy Divine Gratitude].

Are there side quests in Final Fantasy 7?

Chocobo breeding is far and away the most time consuming side quest in Final Fantasy VII, but it’s also the most rewarding and arguably the RPG’s defining quest. Still, players need to catch Chocobo, raise them, feed them, and breed them to get new colors.

How do I increase stagger damage bonus to 200%?

How to Increase Stagger Bonus to 200% in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

  1. First, stagger your enemy by punishing with Cloud and Barrett.
  2. Once the enemy is staggered, switch to Tifa and use her Unbridled Strength Ability.
  3. This will power up her triangle special attacks, which you can just use repeatedly to hit 200%

What is the mystery drink in FF7 Remake?

If you drink the potion, you don’t get any buff/debuff, your stats don’t change and it won’t affect the course of the battle. Cloud will just make a comment about the taste of the drink in front of Aerith. Therefore, you can choose any option without fear – it will not change the course of the plot in any way.

Should I drink the mystery drink FF7?

Mystery drinks in video games are usually a good thing, but the game never makes clear what will happen if Cloud consumes the liquid. If Cloud doesn’t drink the mystery drink there are no repercussions either. Skipping on the drink does not negatively effect him and it doesn’t impact the relationship with Aerith.

Can I skip FF7 Remake side quests?

FF7 Remake PSA: Don’t skip side missions! Yes, that means completing every FF7 Remake side-quest, which you can easily get locked from doing if you keep pushing the story forward.

Can you do side quests after beating FF7 Remake?

Despite only covering a fraction of the original game’s story, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a massive game as big as most RPGs. Just going through the main story will take about thirty hours, while doing all the side quests will add another five to ten hours. The journey is not over once the credits roll, however.

Is FF7 Remake hard hard?

Hard mode is tough when it comes to combat, but it’s mostly a game about managing how much MP you have at your disposal. Once you’ve beaten the game, you gain twice as much XP and three times as much AP, allowing you to level up and improve your Materia much faster.

How do you instantly stagger Rufus?

Standard physical and magic attacks have no effect on his stagger gauge. However, hitting him with a certain attack when his guard is down will instantly stagger him.

What are the side quests in Final Fantasy?

World of Final Fantasy is filled with unique, challenging and rewarding side quests called Miniventure. These come in various shapes and sizes and include everything from taking down big Mirages to finding simple items.

Where are all the mini quests in World of Final Fantasy?

This World Of Final Fantasy Miniventure (Side Quest) Guide lists all of the side quests and Miniventure’s we’ve discovered so far including information on completing each one and the rewards they offer. Most Miniventure’s and side quests in World of Final Fantasy can be found as you explore the game world.

How do you do quests in Final Fantasy 7?

Press the touchpad of the PS4 controller to pen the map and [ R2] to check your quests. You can tackle multiple quests at once. The more you take on, the more your fame and repute grow among the local residents. Note that quests cannot be completed once you move on to the next chapter.

Where do you find sidequests in Minecraft?

Due to their serendipitous nature, sidequests are typically found in “low key points” after significant story arcs that allow the player to freely traverse the world map and explore to their liking. Working with the story, more sidequests become available as the player progresses through the game.