Does Georgia Use common core standards?

The Common Core State Standards Initiative Georgia adopted CCSS in June 2010 because we wanted a seat at the table to help ensure they were standards that met the expectations we had already set with our on Georgia Performance Standards.

What standards do Georgia schools use?

Georgia adopted 100% of both the ELA and mathematics Common Core State Standards.

What is Georgia math?

The Georgia Mathematics standards are designed to help learners achieve a balance among concepts, skills, and problem solving. They provide clear expectations for curriculum, instruction, assessment, and student work.

What does GSE stand for in Georgia?

The Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) provide a consistent framework to prepare students for success in college and/or the 21st century workplace. For more information go to

Does Georgia have new math standards?

Georgia is adopting new math standards that are billed as a removal of Common Core and a return to teacher freedom, but even after a year-plus delay, the new standards may not make it into classrooms before the 2023-2024 school year.

What does Algebra 1 consist of?

What is Algebra 1? Algebra 1 is a high school math course exploring how to use letters (called variables) and numbers with mathematical symbols to solve problems. Algebra 1 typically includes evaluating expressions, writing equations, graphing functions, solving quadratics, and understanding inequalities.

When do the Common Core Standards start in Georgia?

The State Board of Education adopted the CCSS in July 2010 and named Georgia’s curriculum standards the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS). Georgia educators will implement the K-12th English Language Arts and K-9th grades Mathematics Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS) beginning in the 2012-2013 school year.

What are frameworks and how are they used in Georgia?

Frameworks are “models of instruction” designed to support teachers in the implementation of the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS).

What are the state standards for ELA in Georgia?

Georgia adopted 100% of both the ELA and mathematics Common Core State Standards. The only additions to the CCSS from the GPS were cursive writing in grades 3-4 ELA and a few other writing related elements.

What are the benefits of adopting Common Core in Georgia?

The other benefit of adoption for Georgia was that students could move from another state to Georgia and have already been exposed to the same rigorous standards we expected of our own students. After final adoption the name of the curriculum was referred to as CCGPS. January-May 2012: Grade-by-Grade Teacher Professional Learning