Does the JA Ranch still exist?

NRHP reference No. The JA Ranch is a historic cattle ranch in the Palo Duro Canyon in Armstrong County, Texas. Founded in 1876 by Charles Goodnight and John George Adair, it is the oldest cattle ranching operation in the Texas Panhandle. The ranch is an ongoing business, operated by Adair’s descendants.

Who are the owners of JA Ranch?

The JA Ranch began with the partnership of Charles Goodnight and John G. Adair. After several years of managing the ranch, Goodnight took his part of the ranch and left the JA Ranch. Cornelia Ritchie Adair became sole owner of the ranch after the death of John Adair.

What was the size of the JA Ranch?

13.84 km²
JA Ranch/Area

How many acres belong to the JA Ranch?

1,335,202 acres
By the conclusion of the second Adair-Goodnight contract in 1887, the JA Ranch, encompassing 1,335,202 acres, was among the largest ranches in Texas.

What is the oldest ranch in the US?

Deep Hollow Ranch
About Our Cover: Deep Hollow Ranch – The Oldest Working Cattle Ranch in the U.S. The Deep Hollow Ranch, established 1658, is the oldest working Cattle Ranch in the United States and is part of the Suffolk County Parks. Concessionaires, Patrick and Cate Keogh, have been running the ranch since they took it over in 2010.

What happened to the XIT Ranch?

By 1929 some 450,000 acres were still owned by XIT Ranch; by 1943 that acreage had been reduced to around 350,000. The last parcel of XIT land was sold in 1963 by Hamlin Y. Overstreet, who had succeeded his late uncle as a company representative in Farwell.

Which ranch was the largest ranch of the time?

King Ranch
King Ranch is the largest ranch in the United States. At some 825,000 acres (3,340 km2; 1,289 sq mi) it is larger than the state of Rhode Island….King Ranch.

Area 1,225,000 acres (496,000 ha)
Built 1852
NRHP reference No. 66000820
Significant dates
Added to NRHP October 15, 1966

Why is King Ranch important?

By crossbreeding Brahman bulls, native to India, with British Shorthorn stock, the ranch produced the Santa Gertrudis, recognized as the first American breed of beef cattle and the first cattle breed to be recognized in the world in more than a century. This era also launched the famed King Ranch horse legacy.

Who owns the largest cattle ranch in America?

Deseret Ranches. The Mormon Church owns Deseret Ranches, which makes them the largest land owner in the state of Florida. Deseret Ranches is also the largest cattle ranch in the United States.

Which NY town is home to the oldest cattle ranch in the US?

The oldest cattle ranch in the United States and self-proclaimed birthplace of the American Cowboy is in Montauk County Park. Deep Hollow Ranch was founded in 1658.

Who was John Adair married to in Texas?

Together with his business partner Charles Goodnight, Adair established the JA Ranch, the first cattle ranch in the Texas panhandle in 1877 in the Palo Duro Canyon area. In 1867, at a ball given in honor of Congressman J. C. Hughes, Adair met Mrs. Cornelia Wadsworth Ritchie, whom he married in 1869.

When did John Adair start the JA Ranch?

After starting a ranching operation in eastern Colorado, he returned to the Palo Duro Canyon area (site of a major operation he led against the Kiowa and Comanche), and established a small ranch in 1874. He then entered into a partnership with John Adair, an Ulster Scots immigrant, who funded the ranch’s expansion while Goodnight managed it.

Who are the owners of the JA Ranch?

The JA Ranch, jointly founded by John George Adair and Charles Goodnight, is the oldest privately owned cattle ranch in the Palo Duro Canyon section of the Texas Panhandle southeast of Amarillo.

How big was the Goodnight and Adair ranch?

When the Goodnight-Adair partnership dissolved in 1887, Goodnight took the 140,000 acre Quitaque ranch and 20,000 cattle for his interest. JA Wagon, 1908 by Erwin E Smith . Goodnight is recognized for inventing the chuckwagon. Mrs. Adair was an extremely social person and lived in very considerable style.