How big is the boot on a Citroen C3 Picasso?

385 litres
Boot. Opening the C3 Picasso’s tailgate reveals a remarkable 500-litre boot, but only if you’ve slid the adjustable rear bench seat into its most forward position, which makes a huge different to the legroom in the back. With the rear bench pushed back to make more room for passengers, boot volume reduces to 385 litres …

What are the dimensions of a Citroen C3 Picasso?

Citroën C3 Picasso
Wheelbase 2,540 mm (100.0 in)
Length 4,078 mm (160.6 in)
Width 1,730–1,766 mm (68.1–69.5 in)
Height 1,624–1,669 mm (63.9–65.7 in)

How big is a Citroen Picasso boot?

550 litres
Space and practicality The Picasso’s boot is one of the largest in its class at 550 litres with the rear seats in place.

How wide is a C3?

Envelope Size Guide DL C0 C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8 C9 C10

Envelope Size mm (w x h) in (w x h)
C2 458 mm x 648 mm 18 inches x 25.5 inches
C3 324 mm x 458 mm 12.8 inches x 18 inches
C4 229 mm x 324 mm 9 inches x 12.8 inches
C5 162 mm x 229 mm 6.4 inches x 9 inches

How good is a Citroen C3 Picasso?

True, the C3 Picasso is not the most exciting car in its class through the corners, but it counters this by being easy to drive, with a comfortable ride and very good visibility. Clever use of interior space makes the C3 Picasso one of the most versatile machines in its class.

Is Citroen C3 Picasso reliable?

Is a used Citroën C3 Picasso MPV reliable? Overall as a manufacturer Citroen came 13th for reliability in the 2016 JD Power Reliability Survey, while according to the What Car? Reliability Survey, the C3 Picasso rates as good, with suspension and engine problems the most likely faults to occur.

Is Citroen C4 Picasso a good car?

Nonetheless the C4 Picasso is a practical and economical car and a competitive rival for the likes of the Renault Scenic and Ford C-Max, even if ultimately both of those cars are better to drive than the C4 Picasso.

Which Citroen has the biggest boot space?

The Citroen comfortably outdoes the Ford C-MAX in terms of boot space, as that provides 432 litres, although the Volkswagen Touran offers 695 litres and a huge 1,989 litres with its rear seats folded flat.

Which is bigger C3 or C4?

The C3 is a smaller “number” than the C4, but it’s a slightly bigger and significantly heavier (+153kg) hatchback that sits on a marginally longer wheelbase (+9mm). Citroen C3 Aircross has more equipment than the C4 Cactus.

What CC is a Citroen C3?

Engines and transmissions

Model Year Displacement
1.1i 8V 2009–present 1124 cc
1.4i 8V 2009–present 1360 cc
1.4VTi 16V 2009–present 1397 cc
1.6VTi 16V 2009–present 1598 cc

How big is the boot space on a Citroen Picasso?

Boot space: 385 liters. Dashboard. Interior space with 5 seats. The width measurement of 1766 millimeters corresponds to the width of the Citroen C3 Picasso 2013 without exterior mirrors and the value of 2050 millimeters with mirrors unfolded.

Citroen C3 Picasso 2013 dimensions. Boot space: 385 liters.

How big is the boot space on a Citroen C3?

Boot space: 300 liters. Dashboard. Interior space with 5 seats. The width measurement of 1749 millimeters corresponds to the width of the Citroen C3 2020 without exterior mirrors and the value of 2009 millimeters with mirrors unfolded. Motorization: diesel and petrol.

What kind of seatbelt does Citroen C3 Picasso have?

A seatbelt reminder, which can be added to the passenger and rear seats, is fitted to the driver’s seat as standard. The chassis platform used for the C3 Picasso is a modified version of that in the Citroën C3 and the Peugeot 207, giving it a comparable wheelbase.