How can I get vehicle registration number in Uttarakhand?

For the Registration of the vehicle one has to apply to the Registering Authority with in seven days of purchase along with the following documents.

  1. Application in form-20.
  2. Sale certificate in form-21.
  3. 3.Form 22 issued by Dealer.
  4. 4.Valid insurance certificate.
  5. 5.Proof of Address.
  6. 6.Temporary registration, if any.

How can I check the owner of a vehicle in Uttarakhand?

Check vehicle details online, you can visit to vahan parivahan website Now select menu, click on know your vehicle details. and enter your mobile number. Enter vehicle number details and captcha code.

Is HSRP mandatory for Uttarakhand?

HSRP 2021- Color Code Stickers. The government of India has made HSRP mandatory for all Indian citizens. Along with HSRP, colour coded stickers are also mandatory for a vehicle having a windscreen. The transport department has given authority to more than 300 dealers to install HSRP and color-coded fuel stickers.

How can I buy RC online in Uttarakhand?

Apply Online via National Portal: Click on apply online. Enter Valid Vehicle Registration Number and click on Proceed. Select the Service to be availed by Clicking the respective Service under Online Services Menu. Enter Chassis Number and Mobile Number.

Can RC be renewed online?

Yes the RC can be renewed online and for this you will get a special discount for this. Within 90 days of your RC expiry, it can be renewed online up till six months of the expiry date.

How long is car registration valid for?

As per the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, all private vehicles are to re-register the vehicle after 15 years for every 5 years, for as long as it is considered road worthy by the department.

How do I get an IND number plate?

Here is how to apply for a high-security registration plate: Visit the official site: You will be asked to fill in details such as Vehicle Number, Chassis Number, Engine Number, Owner Name, Address, Mobile Number, Vehicle Class, Vehicle Type, Fuel type.

How can I get high number plate in Punjab?

  1. Apply HSRP Online. Pay HSRP Fee. (Old Vehicles – Manufactured. Before 1st Apr 2019)
  2. Apply Only Color Coded Sticker. (TLP)
  3. Request For Camps In Institutes/Residential Societies.
  4. Reschedule Appointment. (HSRP Fee already paid)
  5. Customer Grievance. Redressal.

Can we renew RC after 20 years?

Yes the registration certificate of a vehicle can be renewed even after 15 years as it is valid for this period from the date it is issued. It can be renewed for an extended period of 5 years, once it expires.

How to get a car permit in Vahan?

For any technical problems related to Vehicle registration, fitness, Tax, Permit, Fancy, Dealer etc you may contact:- Email : helpdesk-vahan [at]gov [dot]in Phone: +91-120-2459168 (Timings: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM)

Which is the best form for registration in Uttarakhand?

1. Form 28 in triplicate 2. Registration certificate 6. Fees payment receipt The application has to be submitted along with the following documents. 1. Form 33 2. Insurance certificate 3. Registration certificate

How to contact helpdesk for Vahan, Vahan 4?

Email :helpdesk-vahan[at]gov[dot]in Phone: +91-120-2459168 (Timings: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM)

How to pay OTP received in Vahan 4.0?

Enter the OTP received and Click on Show details. Enter further details as per the form displayed. Click Submit and then Confirm and Make Payment Once Payment Done, Print Receipt.