How do I learn Mandarin podcast?

  1. Learning Chinese Through Stories.
  2. ChinesePod.
  3. Everyday Easy Chinese Podcast.
  4. Maayot.
  5. ChineseClass101.
  6. Chinese Learn Online.
  7. Chinese Mandarin Cafe.
  8. Dimsum Mandarin.

What is the best Chinese to learn?

Learning Mandarin can be a good way to start learning one dialect of Chinese language. Mandarin is spoken not only in China but also in Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia. Mandarin is one of the fastest growing languages in the world.

What to listen to to learn Chinese?

The 10 best free listening resource collections for learning…

  1. 锵锵三人行 (advanced, submitted by Zoe, vote/comment)
  2. Learning Chinese through Stories (beginner/intermediate/advanced, submitted by me, vote/comment)
  3. Popup Chinese (beginner/intermediate/advanced, submitted by me, vote/comment)

Are there any Chinese podcasts?

MandarinPod (intermediate to advanced) MandarinPod is a great conversational Chinese language learning podcast. They provide a series of current and engaging content for intermediate to advanced Chinese language learners. MandarinPod is a great Chinese podcast for those interested in current events.

Where can I listen to Mandarin podcasts?

Those are great and often worth the money, but always remember that there’s no shortage of totally free Chinese podcasts offering genuine Chinese audio for free.

  • 狗熊有话说 (‘BearTalk’)
  • 锵锵三人行 (‘Behind the Headlines with Wentao’)
  • 静雅思听 (‘Justing’)
  • BBC 新闻博客
  • 開卷八分鐘 (‘Eight Minutes Reading’)

Is Chinese pod good?

ChinesePod is a fantastic product. It’s one of the most recommended resources for learning Chinese and for good reason. The Basic Plan is great for people just looking for some listening practice to supplement other materials.

How can I listen to Chinese better?

How to Improve Your Chinese Listening Skills with Active and Passive Listening

  1. First, listen to the entire recording.
  2. Listen to the recording a second time.
  3. Read a transcript of the audio.
  4. Listen to the audio one last time, reading along with the transcript as you listen.

What does podcast mean in Chinese?

volume_up. podcast {noun} CN. 播客

Is ChinesePod free?

Resources (freely available) ChinesePod provides some features for free (you don’t even need to be logged in).

Which is the best podcast to learn Mandarin Chinese?

22 Best Podcasts To Learn Mandarin Chinese In 2021. 1 ChineseClass101. ChineseClass101 is without doubt the most popular online podcast for learning Mandarin Chinese. 2 Rocket Chinese. 3 Conversations (Chinese) by I Will Teach You A Language. 4 Pimsleur. 5 Talk Chineasy.

Are there any Chinese podcasts that are free?

Those are great and often worth the money, but always remember that there’s no shortage of totally free Chinese podcasts offering genuine Chinese audio for free. This is by far my favourite of the Chinese podcasts I listen to.

Who are the hosts of the Chinese Podcast?

Hosted by John Pasden (former host at ChinesePod) and Jared Turner (co-creator of the Mandarin Companion series ), this is a podcast that gives you tips and advice on how to master the Chinese language as well as interviews with other language learners to hear how they did it.

Which is the Best Podcast for Chinese mythology?

Chinese Mythology Podcast is the first and only English podcast focusing on Chinese mythology where you get to join Yang’s husband Eric as she tells him of myths and legends she grew up with. We hope you enjoy these stories as much as we do! Mandarin Blueprint is the most ambitious online Chinese learning curriculum ever attempted.