How do I replace my lost V-Plus card?

Lost and Stolen Cards In the event that a card is lost or stolen, it remains the responsibility of the customer to deactivate the card. This is available at or via the V+ call centre (031-001-3390).

How do I report a lost Shell gas card?

Your Shell Gas card number can only be changed by deactivating your old card and requesting a replacement. If your card has been lost, stolen or damaged, or if you simply suspect that it might have been compromised, call 800-331-3703 as soon as possible.

How do I check my V+ balance?

You can check a balance using any one of these methods:

  1. By scanning the QR code on the back of the card and then entering their cell number on the website.
  2. On the V+ website
  3. By calling the help desk on 031-001-3390.
  4. By using the USSD string *120*7368#

Can anyone get a Shell card?

Yes, if you set up your account through your company. Only ABN holders can open a Shell Card account.

How do I replace my lost Shell Card?

Simply pick up a new Shell Escape card at any Shell Station, provide the details required to Shell Escape Centre and your existing account balance can be transferred over. Your current Shell Escape card will be blocked and the new card will be activated.

How do I activate my fuel rewards card online?

Activate your FRN™ Card at to manage your FRN™ Account online and track Fuel Rewards® savings earned through the FRN™ program including the Shell® Fuel Rewards® program. No more than one (1) FRN™ Card can be linked to your Fuel Rewards Network™ account at a time.

Can you get cash back on a Shell credit card?

The Shell Gas Card’s standard rebate is 10 cents per gallon, up to 20 gallons per fill-up. That’s about 4% cash back when gas costs $2.50 per gallon. And the best general-purpose rewards card for people with fair credit, Capital One QuicksilverOne, offers 1.5% cash back on all purchases. No annual fee.

How do I get V+ card?

How do I get a V+ card? You can ask a Shell Service Champion for a card at any participating Shell service stations countrywide.

How do I check the points on my Shell card?

Simply check your points balance by logging with your Shell Escape card number or registered email address via or Shell Motorist app.

Can I use my Shell card without the card?

You can use your Shell Gas Card exclusively at Shell locations throughout the U.S. You can pay for gas, but also use it for non-fuel purchases inside Shell convenience stores. The Shell Credit Card, on the other hand, can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

What if I lost my Shell card?

What is the error code for V power?

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Can You Use Your V + card at a gas station?

If paying for fuel: you swipe your V+ card to earn rewards and the service station will let you know if you have enough Rewards to pay for the fuel. If you are purchasing items in the shop, you can use your V+ card like any other payment card.

Where can I Register my V Plus card?

You can ask a Shell Service Champion for a card at any participating Shell service stations countrywide. How can I register my V+ cards? You can be registered using one (1) of the three (3) methods: By scanning the QR code on the back of the V+ card. This will take you to the registration page.

Where do I redeem my V Plus rewards?

a loyalty programme exclusive to Shell. With V+ you earn instant cash-rewards for every litre of fuel purchased and selected Shop items in-store. Redeem your cash rewards on the forecourt for fuel or in-store for anything in the Shell Select store.