How do I use the Bluetooth shutter button?

To pair the Bluetooth Remote Shutter, switch the remote switch on and press either the IOS or Android button to activate it. Then open the bluetooth settings on your device and you will see the shutter in your pairing options.

How do I use my Nikon clicker?

Using an Optional ML-L3 Remote Control

  1. Select Remote control mode (ML-L3). Highlight Remote control mode (ML-L3) in the photo shooting menu and press 2.
  2. Choose a remote control mode. Highlight one of the following options and press J.
  3. Frame the photograph.
  4. Take the photograph.

How do I connect my Bluetooth clicker?


  1. Flip the switch on the side of the remote to ON. It will start flashing.
  2. On your iOS or Android device, go to Settings and turn Bluetooth ON.
  3. Click ‘Lifestyle Designs’ under Devices. Wait until it says Connected/Paired.
  4. Open the camera app.

What is the shutter button on a camera?

After the sensor is done collecting the light, the shutter closes immediately, stopping the light from hitting the sensor. The button that fires the camera is also called “shutter” or “shutter button”, because it triggers the shutter to open and close.

How does a Bluetooth selfie stick work?

The sticks that are Bluetooth-enabled, which pair with your iPhone or Android phone and let you press a button on the handle to take a photo. The sticks that plug into your smartphone’s headphone jack, which also let you take a photo with the press of a button on the handle.

How does the shutter button on a selfie stick work?

The button on the stick sends a wireless signal to the device and snaps your picture. More advanced Bluetooth selfie sticks like this Kootek model even include multiple buttons for zooming, triggering the camera, and other functions (if your device supports such advanced tricks, that is).

How does a selfie stick work with a cell phone?

First, selfie sticks come in two varieties (as far as interfacing with the cellphone camera goes). There’s the Bluetooth variety wherein you actually pair the selfie stick with your device like you would a Bluetooth headset. The button on the stick sends a wireless signal to the device and snaps your picture.

What’s the best way to take a selfie with a Nikon?

Put the camera on a tripod or sturdy surface, frame up the shot, set the camera’s built-in self-timer and jump into the shot. Use a wired remote cable release with your Nikon DSLR. This option is ideal if you’re going to be standing very close to the camera.

Is there a remote control for a selfie camera?

With this bluetooth remote control you can put away your iPhone or Android phone and take a selfie picture from a distance, with just a single click of a button. There are two buttons on this remote shutter, one for your iOS device (ipad or iphone) and one for your android phone (Samsung, Huawei, Lg, etc.).