How do you decorate the top of brownies?

21 Ways To Bling Out Your Brownies

  1. Add lots of nuts.
  2. Bury with fudge and sprinkles.
  3. Devote equal vertical space to chocolate chip cookie dough.
  4. Layer with cookie dough AND oreos.
  5. Bake brownie ice cream bowls.
  6. Peanut.
  7. Top with a raspberry-goat cheese swirl.
  8. Stencil pretty powdered sugar patterns.

How do you wrap brownies individually?

Place individual brownies face down on each square of plastic wrap. Wrap the short edges in first and then fold the long edges up tightly over the back of the brownie. Store the brownies in the refrigerator for up to a week or in the freezer for one month. Bring them to room temperature before serving.

What can I wrap brownies in?

If the brownies have been cut into squares, wrap each square in plastic wrap, then in foil, and then place the wrapped squares in an airtight freezer bag. Alternatively, you can freeze the whole pan briefly—just long enough to harden the brownies.

Do you decorate brownies before or after baking?


  1. If you’re baking your own brownies, be sure that they are cooked through by inserting a toothpick into the middle of your brownies when you take them out of the oven.
  2. Cool brownies completely by letting them sit on a wire rack for 1-2 hours before adding decorations.

How do you write on a plate with chocolate?

Hold the cone about 3/4 inch above where you’re going to write. Apply very light pressure to the cone and let the chocolate fall down in a stream while forming letters with the tip of the cone in midair. The key is to aim your focus a little ahead of when the chocolate hits the paper — where it is about to go.

How do you plate up desserts?

Here are some tips for plating desserts effectively and beautifully.

  1. Be creative with color.
  2. Combine textures.
  3. Compose your plate as you would a painting.
  4. Consider the vessel.
  5. Contrast temperatures.
  6. Have a focal point.
  7. Let it be dramatic.
  8. Don’t make it too tall or wobbly.

How do you pack homemade brownies?

To package the brownies for shipping, wrap each in foil as a barrier against humidity or in plastic wrap to protect them from dry heat. Place them in a resealable plastic bag and place that in a sturdy box cushioned with some sort of packing material, whether crumpled newspaper or magazine pages or even popped popcorn.

How do you wrap brownies for gifts?

– Like I said earlier, make sure to wrap your greasy food items like brownies and bars in wax/parchment paper or plastic sheets so that your packages don’t get greasy. – ALWAYS attach a note/card with a personal message to your edible gifts.

How do you package brownies nicely?

Use only food-safe packaging, such as plastic wrap, tin foil or treat bags designed for use with food. Seal each individual brownie well to preserve freshness and to keep out pests during shipment. Place brownies into a container.

Can I wrap brownies in tissue paper?

To present our brownies in their gift packaging, our brownies are first carefully wrapped in greaseproof and tissue paper. This way the brownies stay secure and fresh for about a week and they are able to withstand the post without any risk of damage.

Are there any brownies that are decorated for Christmas?

Dec 16, 2018 – Explore Monica Kerr-Vogel’s board “Decorated Brownies” on Pinterest. See more ideas about decorated brownies, cupcake cakes, christmas brownies. Dec 16, 2018 – Explore Monica Kerr-Vogel’s board “Decorated Brownies” on Pinterest. See more ideas about decorated brownies, cupcake cakes, christmas brownies.

What can you put on the top of brownies?

Use a batch of chocolate chip cookies or oreo pieces to sprinkle over the top of the brownies to create a textured layer. This will give your brownies an extra crunch, while adding a decorative layer to the top. Use a candy like M&M’s to give your brownies a pop of color.

How to make a Brownie box for a gift?

At BrownieMe you can create your brownie box to be exactly what you want it to be. Select 4 chocolate toppings from the list and I will deliver 9 deliciously gooey brownies right to your door. You can even write a personalised message on one of your brownies if it’s a gift.

What kind of plates can you decorate with Sharpies?

You can decorate the outside of mugs or serving pieces such as pitchers or sugar bowls. The pieces can then be used with food or beverages safely. Keep the design away from the lip area. Use glass plates to make food-safe plates.