How do you get the National Youth Achievement Award?

For those who have reached the age of 16, they can enroll directly in the NYAA Gold Level. The cut off age for all three level of Awards is 30 years old. They must complete and submit their reports and reflection before the age of 30 years old to be eligible for the Award.

What is NYAA Gold?

The National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) Youth Leadership Development Programme is an exciting self-development programme for young people between the ages of 13 and 30 years old.

What is a youth achievement award?

The Youth Achievement Awards provide an accreditation framework to support quality work with young people. They are easy to use and can be incorporated into your existing or planned activities. The Awards follow a Plan-Do-Review process which enables young people to better recognise and describe their achievements.

What is NYAA silver?

The objectives of the National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) Silver Programme are as follows: To provide a platform for Brooksians to develop their 21st Century Competencies and Self-Leadership Skills.

How do I apply for Nyaa?

Contact your school’s designated NYAA Award Coordinator or the NYAA Council and ask for an enrolment form. Alternatively, you can give us a call to express your interest to sign up for the programme. 2. Select your activities, fill in and return the form to your NYAA Award Coordinator.

How do you complete Nyaa?

The NYAA programme has three key components, which all participants are required to complete, namely:

  1. Service Learning. (Touching Lives, Making a Difference)
  2. Outdoor Appreciation. (Environmental Stewardship)
  3. Healthy Living. (Physical & Mental Wellness)
  4. Community Leadership Initiative.
  5. Be Part.

Is Nyaa SE safe?

It should provide a place for you to type or paste the IP address of your VPN. The torrent site NYAA has established itself as a reliable torrent index that’s dedicated to anime. Its community is composed of thousands of users that share files with each other.

What does Nyaa help with?

How does an Award help me? The NYAA Award is a leadership development award that provides you with opportunities and platforms to develop your potential to the fullest. 1. It helps you discover interests and talents you never knew you had.

What is a dynamic youth award?

A Dynamic Youth Award is a nationally recognised award for young people, which uses a youth work approach, and which provides a means of recording and evidencing wider achievement. The Dynamic Youth Awards follow a plan-do-review structure.

What are the Youth Awards?

The California Endowment Youth Awards is a celebration of young leaders who inspire their peers and communities while embodying the values of The California Endowment.

What is Nyaa used for?

The NYAA Award is a leadership development award that provides you with opportunities and platforms to develop your potential to the fullest. 1. It helps you discover interests and talents you never knew you had. 2.

Does Nyaa have viruses?

Torrent sites have garnered notoriety for enticing unsuspecting web users to download malware and other apps that can harm their computers. More than having zero malware in the downloadable content, some users also claim that NYAA doesn’t have any harmful or shady scripts that run in the background.

Why do we need National Youth Achievement Award?

It is with hope and faith in our youths that we run the National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) programme. We bring together young people from diverse backgrounds, encourage them to respect and share their respective experiences, and expose them to exciting opportunities to learn, grow and serve.

Who are the alumni of the Nyaa Gold Award?

The NYAA Gold Award Holders’ Alumni (GAHA) was established in October 1995 by the first cohort of the NYAA Gold Award recipients to continue serving the community with other passionate and like-minded award recipients well beyond the NYAA Gold Award.

What does Gaha do for youth in Singapore?

GAHA works closely in partnership with the NYAA Advisory Board and Council, other civil society and grassroots organisations, government ministries and agencies, corporations and educational institutions including international agencies in spearheading youth initiatives and encouraging a spirit for the community amongst young Singaporeans.