How does Juror 9 describe the witness?

For example, when they’re reviewing the testimony of the old man, Juror 9 sees his shabby clothes and is able to connect with him. In Act II, he says, ”This is a quiet, frightened, insignificant man who has been nothing all his life — who has never had recognition — his name in the newspapers.

How does Juror 9’s background affect his vote?

How does his background affect his vote? He values Juror #8’s courage to stand alone and say ‘not guilty’ even though everyone else says ‘guilty’. Juror #9 thinks the old man might have said what he said in order to get attention, not because he heard anything.

Who was Juror number 9?

12 Angry Men Juror #9 (Joseph Sweeny)

What does Juror 9 say about the old man?

#9 sees the witness as a poor, old, insignificant man, perhaps like himself. He can understand the need for the attention that such a man may have. Why do you think #5 changes his vote to not guilty? He does not believe that the man could run to his door to see the boy run outside.

Why did Juror 9 change his vote not guilty?

Why had Nine changed his vote? Who is Nine? Nine changed his vote because Juror number 8 had courage to stand against everyone else, and he 8 gambled for support and made 9 want to hear more.

Why did Juror number 10 change his vote?

His motive for voting the defendant guilty is because he had a prejudice against the people from the boy’s neighborhood, which are called ‘Slums’. In the 1997 remake, he declares that he still believes that the defendant is guilty but changes his vote anyway as he knows that nobody will listen to him anymore.

What does Juror #10 suggest they do?

They let the kids run wild. Maybe it serves ’em right. ‘ He believes that people who live in the area where the boy lives are wild and poor, and whatever happens to them is well-deserved. Juror 10 indicates that all people like the boy on trial are liars based on experiences he seems to have had with them.

What does juror 8 do for a living?

Juror 8’s name is Davis and his occupation is an architect. It is obvious that he was very intelligent and has many years of experience in his job. You can tell that he is a good architect when he specificly demonstrates things like how far the old man went from his room to the door and he even drew out blue prints.

Why is Juror 9 important in 12 Angry Men?

They move the story along and provide conflict material and event development. In 12 Angry Men, Juror 9 is a minor character who provides an important element to the story.

What makes Juror 9 different from the other jurors?

Juror 9 is a respectful person that doesn’t get much respect from the other characters in the book. He can relate to the old man below the apartment that the boy lived in. He has seen more than all the other jurors. It doesn’t matter to him if he is here or not and he very honest also caring. He also stays on topic and and remembers the facts.

What did Juror 9 say in Act 2?

At the beginning of Act II, Juror 9 says, ”He gambled for support, and I gave it to him. I want to hear more. The vote is ten to two.” Juror 9 also adds key information to the examination of the evidence and testimonies, showing his keen eye for details.

How did juror nine prove he was an old man?

Twelve replies, “The old man’s inside.” Then, the stage directions say the foreman turns to the washroom just as the door opens. Nine comes out, embarrassed. Combined, this shows Juror Nine is an old man. Act I, Page 315, Column 2: Ten calls the suspect a liar, telling Eight, “…Look, we’re all grownups here.