How many Nura M Inuwa songs are there?

Career. Most of his songs were used in Kannywood films. He has over 500 songs.

What is the biography of Nura m Inuwa?

Nura M Inuwa Biography. Nura Musa Inuwa better known by his stage name M Inuwa is a famous Nigerian musician who sings mostly in Hausa language. The talented artist was born 1989 in Gwamaja area of Kano State. Nura rose to stardom after releasing music like Zurfin Ciki, Rai Dai, Aisha Humaira and many others.

How old is Nura inuwa?

About 32 years (1989)
Nura M Inuwa/Age

What is Umar M Sharif net worth?

Umar M Shareef is hard working, He Currently name among the best Hausa singers, with a net worth of $50,000 dollars as of this post.

What is the name of Nura M Inuwa daughter?

Nura M Inuwa married his beautiful wife in 2017 from katsina state and their blessed with a one beautiful daughter Aisha Nura M Inuwa (Farrah), farrah is just 2 and half years old, but she is grew up very fastest.

When did Umar M Shareef start singing?

After debuting into the music industry in 2017 he got the fame he was working towards after releasing a single titled Masoya.

Who is the richest Hausa musician in Nigeria?

JUDE ABAGA (M.I) Jude Abaga is unarguably the richest Hausa musician in Nigeria today. The rapper popularly known by his stage name, M.I. Jude Abaga is a notable rapper, singer, performer and songwriter from northern part of the country.

Does Umar M Shariff has a private jet?

Umar M shareef shared the post of his private jet that got many people talk. Umar M Shareef owned private in the history of kannywood many people thinks Umar M shareef is nobody in kannywood industry but they don’t know how rich Umar M Shareef is. Here is the picture of the jet.

What is the net worth of Umar M Sharif?

Umar M Shareef’s revenue is $2.5K in 2020….Umar M Shareef Net Worth 2020.

Month Earnings
November 2020 $815 -$1.5K
December 2020 $966 -$1.8K