How many university colleges are there in Malaysia?

Did you know that there are 20 public universities and 47 private universities in Malaysia? There are 34 university colleges and 10 foreign university branch campuses too (list updated as at September 2019).

Which university should I go to Malaysia?

Best Universities in Malaysia according to International Rankings

Universities Times Higher Education Ranking (2021) TopUniversities Ranking (2021)
University of Malaya 301 59
University Tunku Abdul Rahman 501 801
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia 601 141
University Putra Malaysia 601 132

Which university is cheapest in Malaysia?

Cheap Universities in Malaysia

  1. University of Malaya (UM) Tuition Fee: From USD 1,260 to USD 2,643 per semester for non-medical degrees.
  2. University Putra Malaysia (UPM)
  3. Open University Malaysia (OUM)
  4. USCI University.
  5. University of Malaysia, Perlis (UniMAP)
  6. Malaysian University of Sabah (UMS)

Does Malaysia have good education?

Malaysia’s education system is unnaturally low in quality according to OECD cross-country surveys on the scores of primary and secondary school students in basic skills. In the 2012 OECD sample of 65 countries, Malaysia’s rank for mathematics, reading and science were 52, 59 and 53, respectively.

Which university has the largest campus in Malaysia?

Universiti Teknologi MARA System
A public university with its main campus located in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. The Shah Alam campus is the flagship institution of the Universiti Teknologi MARA System, the largest university in Malaysia in terms of size and student enrollment and the only public university carrying out intakes twice a year.

Is it better to go to university or college?

A college and university generally are academic equals. For example, if a student wants to attend a school with a variety of programs and classes, then a university may be a better choice. If a student values small class sizes and a closer relationship with professors, then a college might be the best option.

Which is the only public university in Malaysia?

Public universities and polytechnics. Public universities in Malaysia are funded by the Government and are governed as self-managed institutions. Apart from the University of Malaya and the MARA University of Technology which were established by two separate enabling Acts of Parliament, the other public universities in Malaysia were created by

Which is the best university for Clinical Medicine in Malaysia?

These are the top universities in Malaysia for clinical medicine, based on their reputation and research in the field. Read the methodology ยป To unlock more data and access tools to help you get into your dream school, sign up for the U.S. News College Compass!

Are there any foreign universities in Kuala Lumpur?

Foreign universities in Malaysia are also considered private and they work together with Malaysian institutions. Malaysian students who study in these schools will get an international qualification without leaving the country.

Which is the only apex University in Malaysia?

USM has also been awarded Apex university status.. The four universities under the Malaysian Technical University Network (MTUN) are UTHM, UTeM, UMP and UniMAP. You May Also Be Interested In…