How much are the Casitas at Cheeca Lodge?

The Casitas at Cheeca Lodge start at $1,099 per night; visit or call 844-993-9713 to check availability.

What key is Cheeca Lodge on?

Beachfront location in Islamorada, between Key Largo and Marathon on the Florida Keys. Cheeca Lodge and Spa is located on the Atlantic side of Islamorada, just off of the Overseas Highway, making it a convenient base for exploring the area.

How many pools does Cheeca Lodge have?

two pools
There are two pools: one for adults and one for families (a third pool is being built this year). For adult downtime, children can peel off to Camp Cheeca’s environmental program.

Can you swim in the ocean at Cheeca Lodge?

Greetings from Cheeca Lodge & Spa! However, the waters surrounding Cheeca are very shallow, and unless you walk down to the end of our 525-ft. wooden fishing pier and use the swim ladder down there, you can’t swim directly from our beach in to the ocean. The waters at the end of the pier are deep enough to swim.

Is breakfast included at Cheeca Lodge?

The menu includes a sumptuous breakfast buffet for the whole family each morning. It has been honored each year with the American Automobile Association’s Four Diamond Award for excellence in dining. Try the best restaurant in Islamorada today.

Is Islamorada safe?

Islamorada has an overall crime rate of 15 per 1,000 residents, making the crime rate here near the average for all cities and towns of all sizes in America. According to our analysis of FBI crime data, your chance of becoming a victim of crime in Islamorada is 1 in 66.

What mile marker is Holiday Isle Tiki Bar?

We learned through our research that Holiday Isle is a resort area in Islamorada that is comprised of some hotels, the tiki bar, and a marina. It is located on the ocean side of Route 1 at mile marker 84.

Why was Bloodline Cancelled?

The second reason for the cancellation is money. With Bloodline, the show filmed on location in the Florida Keys, and the first two seasons were able to take advantage of Florida’s tax incentive programs. The program ended in 2016, making it a lot more expensive to film the Netflix series (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Should I stay in Key Largo or Islamorada?

If you are looking to get a “feel” for the Keys on a very short stay, Islamorada is your best bet. Key Largo is nice, but it kind of reminds me of just any old southern town. Islamorada has a more “laid back” vibe, and offers more activities, at least in my experience.

Do you need a car in Islamorada?

Nope you don’t “NEED” a car. It just makes life much more gooder with one. Keys Shuttle will be something like $75 per person each way.

Is there a Cheeca Lodge in the Florida Keys?

Cheeca Lodge & Spa Today. Cheeca is currently owned by Northwood Investors and is one of the flagship resorts in their portfolio. With its rich history, incredible ambiance and five-star service, there is no property like Cheeca Lodge anywhere in the Florida Keys.

How many rooms does Cheeca Lodge and spa have?

Bottom Line. The 214-room Cheeca Lodge and Spa is a luxury resort set on extensive, lush grounds in Islamorada, offering plenty of on-site features, including a nine-hole golf course, a pretty beach with a long fishing pier, a full-service spa, four tennis courts, and three pools (one for adults only).

Who was the owner of Cheeca Lodge in Islamorada?

The Twitchell’s were instrumental in putting Cheeca Lodge on the map; their passion for not only their resort but also the town of Islamorada was undoubtedly a turning point for the Cheeca Lodge. The Twitchell’s would eventually relinquish ownership to Carl Navarre, a Coca Cola Executive, who purchased The Cheeca Lodge in 1976.

Where to go on vacation in the Florida Keys?

Experience an unforgettable getaway at Cheeca Lodge & Spa with one of our amazing Florida Keys vacation packages. From romantic pairings to spa treatments to family deals, our Islamorada hotel deals offer something for everyone. Check back frequently for the latest resort specials and promotions.