How much does a Thermador range cost?

Overview of Thermador Range Styles

Series Price
Pro Harmony All Gas: Starting at $4,849 (free dishwasher)
Pro Harmony Dual Fuel: Starting at $6,199 (free dishwasher)
Pro Grand All Gas: Starting at $8,099 (free dishwasher)
Pro Grand Dual Fuel: Starting at $8,099 (free dishwasher)

How much is a 48 inch Thermador stove?

LP Conversion

Our Price
Our Price After Savings
$12,849.00 $11,649.00

Which is better wolf or Thermador?

While the dual-stacked, sealed burners from Wolf are great for rapid heat response and are easy to clean, it’s hard to outdo Thermador’s Pedestal Star burners. In this round, Thermador comes out on top thanks to an ergonomic design that provides more consistent heat that is easy to control.

Are pro style ranges worth it?

Purchasing a pro-style range is a serious kitchen upgrade, but it can really increase one’s cooking mastery. Therefore, simple non-professional ranges can still include some cool features like continuous grates, low simmer burner power, and even heat baking.

Is Thermador a luxury brand?

WHO ARE THEY? Thermador is one of the oldest American appliance companies still churning out superior quality high-end appliances. When it comes to luxury appliances, Thermador is a brand you should always take into consideration.

Is Thermador a good brand?

Wolf and Thermador ranges are two great brands known for excellent customer care with Wolf edging out the competition by a razor-thin margin. Thermador range, a trusted brand for over 85 years, is a bit more understated on the outside but remains a stalwart in the Thermador appliances kitchen suite lineup.

Is Thermador Made in USA?

At the brand’s factory in LaFollette, Tenn., employees take great pride in the products they build, embodying all that Thermador stands for. It’s an iconic American brand, crafted by true American workers. See the video below to learn more about the production process at Thermador’s Tennessee factory.

What ranges do professional chefs use?

What ranges do professional chefs use? In a survey conducted among 100 professional chefs across the U.S., 96 percent reported that they preferred using gas cooktops, while 68% also preferred gas ovens. In terms of the types of ranges used by professional chefs, gas is usually preferred over electric.

Is Dacor owned by Samsung?

Dacor (/ˈdeɪkɔːr/ “day-core”) is a California-based subsidiary of Samsung Electronics America that designs, manufactures and distributes kitchen appliances, specializing in the ultra-premium product tier, including wall ovens, ranges, cooktops, dishwashers, warming drawers, microwaves, ventilation hoods, refrigerators.

Is the Thermador 48 inch gas range dual fuel?

Discover the epitome of culinary excellence with the Thermador 48-inch Ranges fully loaded with telescopic racks for easy loading, Home Connect ™ for WiFi-enabled control, plus the ability to customize according to your cooking preferences. Choose from Dual Fuel or Gas, with options for Commercial-Depth or Truly Flush Mounted Cabinet-Depth.

How to check if your dealer is Thermador?

Visit authorized dealer to review product specifications and make final product selections. Check the Dealer locator at to verify if your dealer is an authorized Thermador dealer. Looking for any of these?

How many free appliances can I get with Thermador?

MINIMAL EFFORT. Thermador makes remodeling, renovating, and upgrading as easy as One-Two-Free ®. Purchase an eligible Thermador Luxury Suite and receive up to three free* appliances or upgrades. And now with the all-new Star Savings Estimator, you can customize your suite and see how much you can save in real-time.

Is Thermador one-two free kitchen remodel program?

Download the Thermador One-Two-Free ® Kitchen Style Guide and explore a wide variety of kitchen appliance bundles to inspire maximum savings for your client’s next remodel, upgrade or redesign. Dishwasher and Refrigerator May Also Be Eligible for the State Appliance Rebate Programs. *Pricing based on UMRP only.