How much does pygmy goat sell for?

Though one of the smallest goat breeds, prices for Nigerian Dwarf goats vs Pygmy goats can be as high as full-sized dairy goats. Expect to pay up to $500 for a registered, purebred miniature goat such as myotonic, Nigerian Dwarf, or Pygmy goat.

How much are mini pygmy goats?

The miniature goats, which sell through breeders for $50 to $1,500, are cuddly, affectionate and make loyal pets, Heilman said. They are easily housebroken and love to be petted and bottle-fed.

How much land do 2 pygmy goats need?

The size of a pygmy goat barn will be determined by the size of the herd. In general, you should give each pygmy goat about two square meters. In fact, you could even use a large dog house if you keep two pygmy goats in your yard.

How much does it cost to raise a pygmy goat?

Here are the approximate costs of items needed for raising a goat in Southern California. Costs will vary and are usually much less in more rural areas. Purchase price: Expect to pay between $100 and $300 for a registered Dairy Goat kid and between $150 and $350 for a Pygmy Goat.

Are pygmy goats hard to care for?

If you’re looking for a backyard pet or an addition to your farmyard, pygmy goats are a good option. They do come with their own set of care requirements, but once you understand what they need, their care isn’t difficult. In fact, they can thrive in most climates, as long as you create an adequate shelter.

Can you potty train a pygmy goat?

Pygmy goats are a great, exotic animal. This makes it feasible for a pygmy goat to live in a home. Unfortunately, goat feces have a pungent aroma, and goats often drop feces where they stand. This cannot be avoided, but urination can be trained.

Do pygmy goats and dogs get along?

While there are stories of goats and dogs raised in amicable harmony, even the most well-behaved dog needs constant supervision in the presence of a goat, especially one as morsel-sized as the pygmy. Even a playful dog can kill a goat, as a goat will run herself to death before facing her pursuer.

Do pygmy goats smell?

One of them is the fact that pygmy goats, like their full-sized brethren, do tend to smell at times. There are a number of reasons why this is so. It all has to do with the yearly mating season. The first thing you should know is that bucks, i.e. male goats that have not been fixed, tend to be the worst offenders.

How much space do 3 pygmy goats need?

If you only intend to keep two or three pet goats at a time then a main shelter of about 8ft x 10ft (such as a sturdy garden shed) will be perfectly adequate. This will leave room for the erection of a bench or two and a sufficient area for them to move around should the weather be bad.

Can pygmy goats eat carrots?

As long as they eat a healthy and balanced diet, goats can enjoy raisins, corn chips and even a few slices of bread. Goats also enjoy munching on healthy fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, pears, peaches, bananas, grapes, carrots, lettuce, celery, pumpkin, squash, and spinach.

Do you need a license to own a pygmy goat?

The law requires that ALL goat-keepers; Obtain a HOLDING (CPH) NUMBER and a HERD NUMBER. This applies even if only two goats are kept in the back garden. These must be applied for before you take ownership. They are free and can be obtained by contacting your local DEFRA office.

How much does a Nigerian pygmy goat cost?

There are two types of pygmy goats that are sold in the US: Nigerian Dwarf Goats and African Pygmy Goats. Goats can range anywhere from $50 to $300 depending on various factors including sex, weight, size, age, and temper.

Where can you buy Nigerian goats in Missouri?

Pygmy Goats for sale in Missouri. Nigerian Dwarf goats for sale in Missouri. Located in Central Missouri Between Sedalia and Marshall MO.

What do you need to know about Nigerian Dwarf goats?

Goats should be kept in clean pens free of dampness, drafts, and pests like flies and rodents. They also require adequate fencing due to their small size. Nigerian Dwarf goats should not be housed in airtight buildings; they need to have ventilation for optimum health.

What kind of milk does a Nigerian goat get?

The Nigerian Dwarf goat milk benefit is that it is higher in butterfat (6-10%) than most dairy goat breeds. However, many Nigerian Dwarf owners do not raise their goats for milk but for the pleasure and companionship, these little caprines bring to their lives.