How much weight can a 737 700 carry?

Boeing 737-700 Exterior

Boeing 737-700 with winglets*
Max. payload 17.554 Kg
Max. take off weight 70.080 Kg
Max. landing weight 58.604 Kg
Fuselage length 33,63 m

What is the maximum landing weight for a Boeing 737 800?

144,000 lbs
Maximum weight at landing: 65,317 kg / 144,000 lbs. Maximum mass zero fuel: 61,689 kg / 136,000 lbs.

What is the maximum takeoff weight of a Boeing 737?

Weights: Operating empty 41,145kg (90,710lb), max takeoff 70,535kg (155,500lb), high gross weight max takeoff 79,015kg (174,200lb).

How many tons does a 737 weigh?


Type MTOW [kg] MLW [tonnes]
Boeing 737-900ER 85,000 71.35
Boeing 727-200 Advanced 84,000 70.1
Airbus A321-100 83,000 77.8
Boeing 737-800 79,000 65.32

Is the Boeing 737-700 the max?

The Boeing 737 MAX is the name given to the main MAX 737-7/8/9/10 series and high-density MAX 200 variant of the Boeing 737 family. The 737 MAX 7, MAX 8 (including the denser, 200-seat MAX 200), and MAX 9 replace the 737-700, -800, and -900 respectively.

Is Boeing 737 MAX the same as 737 500?

The 737-500 does not share the same antistall system as the 737 Max, which was triggered in the 2018 crash of another Indonesian flight, Lion Air Flight 610, killing all 189 people aboard. The same system was blamed in the crash of a 737 Max in Ethiopia in March 2019, which killed 157.

Is Boeing 737 700 Same as Max?

The 737 MAX is a fourth generation Boeing 737, again with CFM LEAP turbojets. The 737 MAX 7, MAX 8 (including the more compact 200-seat MAX 200) and MAX 9 are designed to replace the 737 700, 800 and 900 respectively. Additional lengths are offered with the extended 737 MAX 10.

What’s the max weight of a Boeing 737 700?

The Boeing 737-700 is together with the 737-600, 737-800 and 737-900 member of the 737-Next Generation-Family. Mmo (max. Mach) max. Takeoff Weight max. Landing Weight

What kind of plane is the Boeing 737-800?

The Boeing 737-800 is together with the 737-600, 737-700 and 737-900 member of the 737-Next Generation-Family. Mmo (max. Mach) max. Takeoff Weight max. Landing Weight Reg.: I-NEOT The web portal includes a comprehensive civil and military aircraft encyclopedia.

How did the Boeing 737 increase passenger capacity?

The passenger capacity of the aircraft was increased to 149 by extending the fuselage around the wing by 9 feet 5 inches (2.87 m). The wing incorporated several changes for improved aerodynamics.

Is the Boeing 737 MAX safe to fly?

Whatever the reason, we hope that both Boeing and the F.A.A. (Federal Aviation Administration) have cleaned up their act and made the MAX as safe an airliner as its predecessors. A Boeing 737 MAX in Boeing house colours. The Boeing 737 has four distinct families of variants within the type. These are: