How to get money in street racing syndicate?

Easy money for Street Racing Syndicate Go to the desert sanctioned race and do level one. Select the last wager on the screen, then accept it, and race. Do this for every race and you will get at least $12,000 easily. Keep repeating this to build up a large amount of money.

How do you unlock cars in street racing syndicate?

Unlock Cars Have all first place finishes in the Miami Iron Man challenge in arcade mode. Finish in first place in the Los Angeles checkpoint mission in arcade mode. Finish in first place in the Los Angeles checkpoint mission in arcade mode.

How do you get respect points in street racing syndicate?

re: Earning Respect Points You won’t get any respect points when you’re just riding on the streets. In crew races, you’ll get 750 points for winning the first prize, the maximum you can get from 1 races is 1000, the remaining 250 points you can get by doing tricks like drifting Power Over, 2 Wheels, Near Miss etc.

How to unlock cheat box in street racing syndicate?

On the main menu, press Up, Down, Left, Right for the cheat box. Enter the codes below for the desired effect: To unlock the desired car, perform the actions listed below:

What kind of Car do you get in street racing syndicate?

Go to Arcade Mode and go to Checkpoint and pick any car and pass any level and you will get a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII GSR in Street Mode in your Warehouse and the car is auto When you make a profile go to arcade mode and then go to Iron man. Then pick the Skyline. Pick any transmission and then race on the Philadelphia track.

What happens when you get pulled over in street racing syndicate?

The first three times you are pulled over in street mode, you will be released with a warning. Contributed By: Scripts and SolaraRider. Go play in Arcade mode and choose Iron Man. Finish in first place in all races and you will unlock the following.

What’s the best way to earn street racing points?

Your stock is usually the best. Refill NOS: ———– When driving the streets or racing, you can earn NOS by earning points for doing things as drifting, etc. The more points you earn , the more NOS you get. Drifting the Sprinter Trueno: —————————– Learning to control this car will rack up massive respect points.