Is HID Awolowo still alive?

Deceased (1915–2015)
Hannah Idowu Dideolu Awolowo/Living or Deceased

What killed Obafemi Awolowo?

May 9, 1987
Obafemi Awolowo/Date of death

Who is Obafemi Awolowo’s wife?

Hannah Idowu Dideolu Awolowom. 1937–1987
Obafemi Awolowo/Wife

Which school did Obafemi Awolowo?

University of London1944
Baptist Boys’ High School Òkè Saje AbeokutaLondon School of Economics and Political ScienceWesley College, Ibadan
Obafemi Awolowo/Education

Which year Awolowo died?

Obafemi Awolowo/Date of death
Awolowo died peacefully at his Ikenne home, the Efunyela Hall (so named after his mother), on 9 May 1987, at the age of 78 and was laid to rest in Ikenne, amid tributes across political and ethno-religious divides.

Is Seyi Awolowo a doctor?

However, Seyi, grandson of Obafemi Awolowo is a medical doctor, Ph. D.

Where was Awolowo buried?

Obafemi Awolowo/Date of burial

Where is Awolowo buried?

How old is Obasanjo?

84 years (March 5, 1937)
Olusegun Obasanjo/Age

How old was Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe when he died?

91 years (1904–1996)
Nnamdi Azikiwe/Age at death
Azikiwe died aged 91 on 11 May 1996 at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital in Enugu after a long illness, and is buried in his native Onitsha.

How old is Obafemi?

78 years (1909–1987)
Obafemi Awolowo/Age at death

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How did we inform HID Awolowo of Oluwole’s death?

Governor Uduaghan described late Oluwole Awolowo as a humble, easy-going and focused personality, who spent almost his entire life for the good of humanity. Governor Mimiko said the death came as a blow to many like him, considering the fact that the departed is survived by an aged mother, the matriarch of the Awolowo dynasty, Mama H.I.D. Awolowo.

Who is the matriarch of the Awolowo family?

On behalf of himself, his family and the Federal Government, Jonathan extended his heartfelt condolences to Chief Awolowo’s immediate family and the matriarch of the Awolowo family, Mrs. HID Awolowo.

Who was the only surviving son of Sage Awolowo?

This came as Segun, one of the grand-children of the late sage, said the news of the death of the only surviving son of the family Chief Oluwole Awolowo, had devastated the matriarch, Mrs. H. I. D. Awolowo.

Why was Wole Awolowo survived by his mother?

Amosun said the fact that late Wole Awolowo was survived by his mother, the revered matriarch of the family, who is seen by all Nigerians as symbol of nationalism, made the departure of the Second Republic legislator an irreparable loss even more painful.