Is The Martian a good film?

I think “The Martian” is the best space sci-fi movie made in my time. “The Martian,” directed by Ridley Scott, is a gritty survivalist tale that follows the story of astronaut Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon). Watney gets stranded on Mars when his crew is forced to leave him for dead during a major dust storm.

How successful was the movie The Martian?

The Martian landed seven Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, and our experts place its net profit payout to Fox at $150M, for a Cash on Cash Return of 1.4. The track record of recent movies set on Mars has been dismal, but The Martian colonized the Red Planet for future journeys.

How accurate is The Martian?

“The Martian” is a technically accurate sci-fi, so tons of research and constant double-checking of math had to be done. Anything else would have been ruinous to the reader’s suspension of disbelief. Along the way, the math revealed plot points that would have otherwise never happened.

What is The Martian rated and why?

Is the rating appropriate? In Australia, The Martian is rated M (for age 15+). In the US, it’s PG-13, citing some strong language, injury images, and brief nudity. This amounts to just a handful of F-words (verbal, written, or just mouthed), and Damon’s bum.

Is The Martian OK for 8 year old?

A Must See For Kids Ages 9 and Up!

How many cuss words are in The Martian?

160 swear words
There are more than 160 swear words in Andy Weir’s sci-fi thriller, “The Martian,” including two memorably deployed F-words in the novel’s first three sentences.

Is Martian a flop?

20th Century Fox’s sci-fi film The Martian was a surprise hit at this year’s box office, bringing in over $488 million worldwide so far in its theatrical outing. So while its financial success came as a surprise, the bigger shock was that the film got made at all.

How much did Matt Damon make for the Bourne movies?

It’s been estimated that Damon raked in $26 million each for The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum, plus another $25 million for Jason Bourne.

What The Martian got wrong?

1)The Dust Storm While the dust storm at the start of the movie plays a pivotal role in which the whole scenario of being stranded on Mars takes place, it is also one of the biggest mistakes in the movie. NASA stated that even the fastest winds of a “harsh” dust storm on Mars would only go sixty miles per hour.

How did The Martian get water?

Oceans’ worth of ancient water may have been locked up in minerals in Mars’s crust, increasing estimates for the total amount of that once flowed on the red planet. Today, Mars is a frigid desert. But dried up deltas and riverbanks reveal that water once flowed over the plant’s surface.

Is The Martian book appropriate for a 10 year old?

Overall this book is 12 and up and is also great.

What was the review of the movie The Martian?

The film is a profound testament to the rare-and underrated-virtue of simply not screwing anything up. October 4, 2015 | Full Review… The Martian plays to both Scott’s strengths and weaknesses. By relegating Mark’s predicament to a purely survivalist scenario, he keeps things humming along without ever widening the horizon.

How did Watney survive in the Martian movie?

Perilous scenes of the Ares 3 crew’s evacuation and when Watney is struck and vanishes. Later he has to remove a part that impaled him in the chest and staple the bloody wound shut. He survives again and again as things blow up and injure but don’t kill him. His weight loss becomes startling by the end of the movie.

Is the Martian a good book for kids?

The parents’ guide to what’s in this book. The Martian presents a very realistic picture of a near-future mission to Mars. It features many discussions of chemistry, physics, and biology, with the details presented in an engaging manner.

How did the movie The Martian play to Scotts strengths?

The Martian plays to both Scott’s strengths and weaknesses. By relegating Mark’s predicament to a purely survivalist scenario, he keeps things humming along without ever widening the horizon. But there was an obligation to widen the horizon.