Was Layne Staley sick during MTV Unplugged?

Staley overdosed following their concert in Kansas City on July 3 and despite the frontman recovering from the incident AIC were put on hiatus, and other than one brief recording two years later, where the band briefly reunited to record the songs Get Born Again and Died for Music Bank, Alice in Chains never played …

Was MTV Unplugged Alice In Chains last performance?

It’s also very sad to realize that MTV Unplugged was the second last performance with Layne as a vocalist. However, it only adds the show, even more, uniqueness and symbolism. With no chains of electricity, familiar yet ceremonial, but above all, perfectly performed.

Did Layne Staley sing nutshell?

“Nutshell” is a song by Alice in Chains that originally appeared on the band’s 1994 extended play Jar of Flies. “Nutshell” is also known for having opened the band’s performance on MTV Unplugged in 1996….Nutshell (song)

Song by Alice in Chains
Lyricist(s) Layne Staley
Producer(s) Alice in Chains, Toby Wright
Tempo: 68 bpm

What year was Alice in Chains Unplugged MTV?

July 30, 1996
MTV Unplugged/Release date

Did Layne Staley lose his teeth?

Staley’s physical appearance had become even worse than before: he had lost several teeth, his skin was sickly pale, and he was severely emaciated.

Who found Layne Staley?

On April 19, Staley’s mother gave Seattle police permission to kick in the door to the singer’s condo, where they found an 86-pound Staley dead on his couch.

How old was Demri Parrott when she died?

27 years (1969–1996)
Demri Parrott/Age at death

When did Alice in Chains release down in a hole?

Alice in Chains performed the song live for the first time on October 5, 1992 at the Coca-Cola Starplex in Dallas, Texas. Alice in Chains performed an acoustic version of “Down in a Hole” for its appearance on MTV Unplugged in 1996, and the song was included on the Unplugged live album and home video release.

Where was Alice in Chains MTV Unplugged recorded?

Recorded using Effenel Music Mobile Recording, New York City, at the Majestic Theater, Brooklyn Academy Of Music, New York On April 10, 1996. Originally Released ℗ & © 1996 Sony Music Entertainment. This Release ℗ & © 2010 Sony Music Entertainment.

When did Alice in Chains do their last concert?

Alice in Chains resurfaced on April 10, 1996, to perform their first concert in two and a half years for MTV Unplugged, a program featuring all-acoustic set lists.

Who is the drummer for Alice in Chains?

Unplugged (Alice in Chains album) Inez and drummer Sean Kinney did pay tribute to Metallica, however, playing the intro to their hit song ” Enter Sandman ” just before “Sludge Factory”. Before “Angry Chair,” Jerry Cantrell paid further tribute by playing the intro to “Battery” going into the Hee Haw song, “Gloom, Despair, and Agony on Me”.