What are Hamilton watches famous for?

Hamilton revolutionized the watch industry by producing the world’s first electrical battery operated watch. The Ventura’s unique and futuristic shield-shaped design, created by renowned industrial designer Richard Arbib, caused an instant sensation.

Where did Hamilton watches get their name?

The company was named after James Hamilton, son of Andrew Hamilton, a Scottish born attorney who laid out and founded Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and was the original owner of the Lancaster site on which the factory was situated.

Is Hamilton a luxury watch?

Yes. While not a luxury brand, Hamilton produces watches with classic and well-loved design aesthetics, solid manufacturing, and well-built in house movements (though many of their watches contain mass-produced, but dependable, movements such as the ETA 2824 and the Valjoux 7750).

Where are Hamilton watches made today?

Since 1974, Hamilton has been a part of the Swatch Group and, in 2003, we moved our HQ and production to the center of watchmaking country in Biel, Switzerland.

Hamilton watches are Swiss made and the company comes under the Swatch Group, a Swiss luxury watches and jewelry company, which indicates its Swiss production. Most of the Hamilton watches have either ETA or Valjoux movements, which are a Swiss specialty.

Is Hamilton a good watch brand?

Many owners feel that their Hamilton is just as well-made and reliable as the more premium brand. Hamilton is known to have excellent attention to detail and have been solid performers over time. Hamilton watches are certainly of good quality, especially when considering the build quality and price.

Who makes Hamilton Watches?

Hamilton Watches are a brand of traditional watches owned by the Swatch Group, which is a company based in Switzerland. Like many watchmakers, Hamilton started by making pocket watches but now makes wristwatches designed for their elegance and style (Source). Analog watches operate via springs and gears.