What are the income limits for Georgia Medicaid?

Who is eligible for Georgia Medicaid?

Household Size* Maximum Income Level (Per Year)
1 $31,814
2 $43,028
3 $54,242
4 $65,456

Does Georgia have Medicaid for adults?

Medicaid is a health insurance program funded by both the state and federal government that covers about 1 in 5 Georgians—mostly children, people with disabilities and elderly people who have low to moderate incomes. In Georgia, many adults do not qualify for Medicaid.

What does Medicaid cover for adults in GA?

If you incur emergency, out-patient or in-patient hospital expenses, Georgia Medicaid will pay for medication, physician fees, surgery and other procedures. Medicaid will also pay for expenses related to stays at long-term care or nursing facilities.

How long does it take to get approved for Medicaid in GA?

How long does it take? You will find out whether or not you are eligible for Medicaid within 45-60 days after you apply. Any Special Circumstances? If you are pregnant and eligible, you can get a Medicaid certification form on the same day that you apply.

What makes you eligible for Medicaid in Georgia?

1 You think you are pregnant 2 You are a child or teenager 3 You are age 65 or older 4 You are legally blind 5 You have a disability 6 You need nursing home care

What is the Georgia Department of community health Gammis?

The Georgia Medicaid Management Information System (GAMMIS) serves as the primary web portal for Medicaid, PeachCare for Kids® and all related waiver programs administered by the Department of Community Health’s Medical…

What’s the income limit to be eligible for Medicaid?

Eligibility for children was extended to at least 133% of the federal poverty level (FPL) in every state (most states cover children to higher income levels), and states were given the option to extend eligibility to adults with income at or below 133% of the FPL.