What are the requirements to be inducted into the National Honor Society?

The four basic requirements for membership are scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Students are eligible to apply for NHS membership if they demonstrate academic achievement by achieving a 3.65 or higher. Grade point average will not be rounded to meet the minimum requirement.

Is National Honor Society GPA weighted?

The GPA requirement considers students’ cumulative GPA. If your cumulative GPA drops below a 3.6 (or 4.2, weighted), you will have one semester to raise your grades to the minimum standard before losing membership status in the National Honor Society.

Should I join National Honor Society in high school?

The NHS isn’t the most exclusive club, but it is very well-respected and speaks to a student’s academic success, community involvement, leadership skills, and overall high character. The more active role a student takes in the National Honor Society, the more benefits they’ll reap from their involvement in it.

What is the GPA cut off for NHS?

Eligibility Requirements Students in grades 10–12 who meet the requirements for membership outlined by their school’s chapter are eligible to be invited for membership. Per national guidelines, at a minimum, students must have a cumulative GPA of 85, B, 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, or equivalent standard of excellence.

What are the criteria for National Honor Society?

Selection is based on four criteria: scholarship (academic achievement), leadership, service, and character. The National Honor Society requires some sort of service to the community, school, or other organizations.

What are the benefits of being in National Honor Society?

The National Honor Society honors academic achievement. A major benefit of being a member of the National Honor Society is the eligibility for scholarships. Acceptance into the National Honor Society is based on more than just academic standing.

What are the requirements for Honor Society?

Requirements. Grade point average (GPA) thresholds for academic recognition include: Honors above a 3.2 GPA, High Honors above a 3.5 GPA, and Highest Honors above a 3.8 GPA. Honor Society membership is open to students and professionals in all fields, who desire to pursue excellence and build a framework for success.

What is national junior high honor society?

The National Honor Society is a well-known organization that recognizes high school students for their outstanding scholarship, service, citizenship and leadership. The corresponding organization for students in middle school is known as the Junior National Honor Society (sometimes referred to as the National Junior Honor Society ).