What can I use instead of a smartphone?

3 Alternatives to Owning a Smartphone

  • The Light Phone. The Light Phone is a creation of Kickstarter.
  • iPads or Tablets. For a person who wants more out of their devices than what a smartphone can offer, there is the iPad.
  • Flip Phones. Flip phones may be out of style, but they are certainly still functional.

What is a non smart phone called?

Feature phones are sometimes called dumb phones, when compared to modern touch-screen smartphones. They tend to use an embedded operating system with a small and simple graphical user interface, unlike large and complex mobile operating systems such as Android from Google or iOS from Apple.

How do I get around without a smartphone?

How to Live Without a Smartphone in 2021

  1. washing their small set of dishes by hand.
  2. using time at the laundromat to read a great book.
  3. heating up their food on a stove or in a toaster oven.
  4. getting exercise every time they leave the house, or…
  5. using commute time to read, think, or listen to new ideas.

What phones Cannot be tapped?

That said, let us begin with the first device, amongst the 5 most secure smartphones in the world.

  1. Bittium Tough Mobile 2C.
  2. K-iPhone.
  3. Solarin From Sirin Labs.
  4. Purism Librem 5.
  5. Sirin Labs Finney U1.

What is the best non smart phone?

Best Non-Smartphone 2021 Kyocera DuraXE. The Kyocera DuraXE is a phone that is suitable for anyone who has a lifestyle filled with activities or those who are in need of a phone that ZTE Z432. LG Exalt 2. Nokia 3310 3G. Jethro SC318. Kyocera Cadence LTE. BLU Tank II T193. Samsung Convoy 3. Alcatel Go Flip. LG Exalt LTE.

What phones have no contract?

Best No Contract Cell Phones & Plans Providers. Some of the best no contract phone companies include TracFone, Straight Talk, Boost Mobile MetroPCS and Virgin Mobile. These are the most established companies offering prepaid no contract phone plans.

What is a non smart phone?

A non-smartphone is a phone that does not belong in the smartphone category, which basically means that it does not have an operating system, computing capabilities, GPRS , syncing capabilities, video conferencing, etc. A non-smartphone can also be a basic or a feature phone.

What is the cheapest phone plan for unlimited everything?

T-Mobile and Sprint both offer the highest amount of data—50GB each—for the lowest monthly fee. If you’re a frequent traveler, T-Mobile will save you money in the long run with its roaming and in-flight perks. The carrier’s no-frills $120/month unlimited data plan for four lines is also one of the cheapest available.