What does separation code JFV1 mean?

JFV – Physical condition, not a disability, interfering with performance of duty, USN – Enlisted. JFV1 – Discharge because of a physical condition which is not disabling.

What does MBK separation code mean?

Completion of active duty service commitment
MBK – Completion of active duty service commitment.

Can I rejoin the military with an entry level separation?

Can You Reenlist in the Military After Getting an Entry-Level Separation? Typically, yes. However, if the reasons for the ELS is due to a newly discovered medical or mental condition, you may be blocked from other branches, as well. Your DD Form 214 will have an enlistment code.

What is general discharge under honorable conditions?

A general discharge under honorable conditions means that your service was satisfactory, but did not deserve the highest level of discharge for performance and conduct. Many veterans with this type of discharge may have engaged in minor misconduct.

Does entry level separation go away?

Entry Level Separation for the Army The policy extends to those within the 180 days of continuous active duty. There may be a 90 day split between active duty in some cases, and a recruit may still meet the 180-day provision.

What does entry level separation mean?

Entry level separations, or uncharacterized discharge, are given to individuals who separate prior to completing 180 days of military service, or when discharge action was initiated prior to 180 days of service. This type of discharge does not attempt to characterize service as good or bad.

What does jfv1 stand for in the military?

JFV1 – Discharge because of a physical condition which is not disabling. involuntary, USMC JFV5 – Medical board determination of obesity, USMC JFV6 – Discharge because of a physical condition which is not disabling (Pseudofolliculitis Barbae), USMC

What are the reason codes for military separation?

Military Separation Reason Codes (Separation Program Numbers) Alphabetical Codes These codes are contained in your military records and may be annotated on various military separation documents. B70 – Death, Battle Casualty – Navy JPD – Alcohol abuse rehabilitative failure JRA – Engaged, attempted to engage or solicit another to

What does the military separation code BLF stand for?

Military Separation Codes – Alphabetical Separation Code Definition BLF Drug use BLM Unfitness (Reason Unknown) BM Insufficient Retainability (Economic Rea BML Homosexuality

Where to find the separation code on a DD214?

Where to find the Separation Code on a DD214. The Separation Code can be found in Box 26 of the long form DD214.