What episode is Katy Perry in Raising Hope?

The Greg Garcia comedy has booked pop star Katy Perry for a guest turn, the network announced Wednesday. The “Firework” singer will appear in the March 6 episode as Rikki, a prison attendant who claims to be a friend from Sabrina’s (Shannon Woodward) past.

Who played the grandma on Raising Hope?

Cloris Leachman
Cloris Leachman as Barbara June “Maw Maw” Thompson (recurring season 1, starring seasons 2–4), Virginia’s 84-year-old grandmother, Jimmy’s great-grandmother, and Hope’s great-great-grandmother.

Who plays Jimmy’s fake girlfriend?

In this episode, Jimmy hired a stage actor (Ashley Tisdale) to pretend to be his girlfriend to make Sabrina jealous….Jimmy’s Fake Girlfriend.

“Jimmy’s Fake Girlfriend”
Original air date February 14, 2012
Guest appearances
Ashley Tisdale as Mary-Louise
Episode chronology

Did Katy Perry guest star on Raising Hope?

Katy Perry has been announced as a guest star in a brand new episode of the FOX comedy Raising Hope. Let’s do your friend Katy a favor,” executive producer Greg Garcia said in a statement. “Then she came in and did a terrific job. “She was hilarious.

Was Katy Perry on Saving Hope?

Rikki Hargrove is a guard at the local prison and a minor character in Raising Hope. She is portrayed by Katy Perry. Rikki manages the block Sabrina Collins is put in when she’s arrested following an Occupy Natesville protest in “Single White Female Role Model”.

Why did they stop filming My Name is Earl?

“To Be Continued…” was the promise at the end of the final episode. But it never came. The show was canceled because of the producer, 20th Century Fox’s inability to find a network to continue the series.

Why did they stop making Raising Hope?

Ahead of Raising Hope season 4, Greg Garcia left the series as showrunner and was succeeded by Mike Mariano. It was also moved to a new timeslot by FOX, which saw its ratings take a noticeable dip. Raising Hope had a good run too, with the season 4 finale providing a sense of closure for the series.

Do Jimmy and Sabrina have a baby?

Later on third season (Modern Wedding) Sabrina and Jimmy get married. Yay! Jimmy and Sabrina decide to have a baby, but they are interrupted from having sex during the period when Sabrina was ovulating, and, because they believe having a baby born in November is best, they decide to put it off for a whole year.

Does Lucy get custody of hope?

After ultimately losing the case and, therefore, custody of Hope, Jimmy reluctantly agrees to go with Lucy and Hope to Tibet so he can stay with his daughter. As they are driving away, they pass Sabrina, and Jimmy looks out the window at her.