What is multi-client seismic?

The multi-client seismic model. Under this system seismic surveys are acquired by seismic acquisition companies over large areas that may straddle several permits and open acreage.

What is multi-client data?

Multi-Client Data means any rights (including ownership or licensing) to seismic data surveys worldwide (other than Brazil) and related data collected, compiled, derived, analyzed or acquired by or on behalf of Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries for its multi-client seismic data library or otherwise incorporated or …

What does cgg do?

CGG provides geological, geophysical and reservoir capabilities to customers primarily from the global oil and gas industry. It has three complementary businesses: Equipment, Acquisition, and Geology, Geophysics & Reservoir (GGR).

What is the closest protein coding gene to the right of FMR1 on the chromosome?

FMR1 (fragile X mental retardation 1) is a human gene that codes for a protein called fragile X mental retardation protein, or FMRP. This protein, most commonly found in the brain, is essential for normal cognitive development and female reproductive function….FMR1.

Available structures
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Where was CGG founded?


What does FMR1 gene do?

The FMR1 gene makes a protein the scientists called fragile X mental retardation protein (FMRP) that is needed for normal brain development.

Why do trinucleotide repeats cause disease?

Depending on its location, the unstable trinucleotide repeat may cause defects in a protein encoded by a gene; change the regulation of gene expression; produce a toxic RNA, or lead to chromosome instability. In general, the larger the expansion the faster the onset of disease, and the more severe the disease becomes.

What is a trinucleotide repeat and why is it important?

A certain amount of normal (polymorphic) variation in repeat number with no clinical significance commonly occurs between individuals; however, repeat numbers over a certain threshold can, in some cases, lead to adverse effects on the function of the gene, resulting in genetic disease.

What are trinucleotide repeat diseases?

Trinucleotide repeat disorders consist of a group of human diseases, which are a result of an abnormal expansion of repetitive sequences and primarily affect the nervous system. These occur during various stages of human development.

What do you understand by trinucleotide repeat expansion diseases?

Trinucleotide repeat disorders, also known as microsatellite expansion diseases, are a set of over 50 genetic disorders caused by trinucleotide repeat expansion, a kind of mutation in which repeats of three nucleotides (trinucleotide repeats) increase in copy numbers until they cross a threshold above which they become …

Why are trinucleotide repeats bad?

When the trinucleotide repeat lies within the gene-coding region as in Huntington disease, its expansion results in an abnormal protein with a gain of function due to the enlargement of the polyglutamine tract.

What causes trinucleotide repeat disorders?

Trinucleotide repeat disorders are caused due to an abnormal number of triplet repeat sequences either in the coding or the non-coding regions and are a result of either maternal or paternal transmission.

How to run multiple instances of blade and soul?

As the name indicate, this Tool will let you run multiple instance of the Blade & Soul Client. The setup is very straight forward and easy. Just browse it to your \\Blade & Soul folder\\bin\\ and click Ok.

How to activate multiclient launcher blade and soul?

Click browse, then find your BNS Folder. Point it to “\\bin\\”. And it should say “Game Found”. And just click “Play” after you selected which server you want to connect to. To activate multiclient, is the same process. The only feature that was added as an account verification from .

Is it illegal to use multi client on NCsoft?

WHILE NOBODY WAS BANNED SO FAR, TO THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE, DOESN’T MEAN THAT NCSOFT WON’T BAN PEOPLE FOR IT IN THE FUTURE! If you use multi-client, and actually multi-client, I recommend you to zip it and tell nobody. Almost a year and i’m fine. People say it’s cheating (logic is so good) when it’s not.